Netflix’s Bruised Review: A Familiar Story With Powerful Performances

Bruised, a sports drama film starring Halle Berry, Shamier Anderson, Adan Canto, Sheila Atim, Danny Boyd, Jr and Stephen Mckinley Henderson is now out. Directed by Berry, Michelle Rosenfarb wrote the screenplay. The duration of the film is 138 minutes. The film marks Halle’s directorial debut.

The synopsis, “Years after a humiliating defeat, an MMA fighter grabs one last shot at redemption when the young son she left behind comes back into her life.”

Netflix’s Bruised Review Contains No Spoilers

Netflix film Bruised is a story about Jackie Justice (Halle Berry), a mixed martial arts fighter who was once very popular. She’s now struggling to meet ends and dating her abusive manager. In the first few minutes, Berry, also the director, has shown us how tough life has gotten for the former MMA fighter.

One day, her boyfriend Desi (Adan Canto) takes her to an underground fight in which she participates. Jackie is unbeatable, and her skills get noticed by the fight league promoter, played by Shamier Anderson. He promises Jackie that her career will be back on track again. Jackie decides to go from the basics and seek training to master her dreams again. Just when she is looking forward to reliving her dreams, her son Manny (Danny Boyd, Jr), whom she’d abandoned as a baby, enters her life.

There’s a lot on Jackie’s platter – her training, her dream to rise in the fighting ring again, the responsibility of her son, who isn’t happy to be with her. In addition, her abusive boyfriend is making everything worse. Life teased her with redemption but brought in many obstacles in the journey. Will she get Bruised or succeed? That’s what the film is about.

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Halle Berry has put her heart and soul into the Bruised movie as an actor and director. Her performance, pain, emotions and punches are proof of it. But the film not only reminded me of Priyanka Chopra’s 2014 Mary Kom, but the climax was also predictable. It’s a story of redemption, which we have seen many times. Yet, Halle’s directorial debut leaves a mark on your mind with the hard-hitting situations in Jackie’s life.

Actor Danny Boyd, Jr as Jackie’s son Manny gives a splendid performance. Manny has no dialogues, but the boy performs with his expressions and body. It’s commendable, considering he’s just a kid. Actor Sheila Atim also plays her part as Bobbi, Jackie’s friend, quite well.

Bruised Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the story of Bruised is something we’ve seen before. But the gripping narrative makes you stay to find out Jackie’s fate. Halle’s intention to make this movie was to show the world the story of a woman of colour. I believe the actor-director did a good job.

Bruised is now streaming on Netflix.

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Bruised Review: Actor-director Halle Berry has put in her heart and soul in the movie.

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Bruised Review: Actor-director Halle Berry has put in her heart and soul in the movie.Netflix's Bruised Review: A Familiar Story With Powerful Performances