Netflix’s Blood of Zeus Review: Gods vs Mortals vs Demons

Blood of Zeus is an animate web series created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios and directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian. The series consists of eight half-an-hour episodes.

A fight between the realms

Blood of Zeus is the most interesting when it focuses on Zeus and not his blood. You see, Zeus, by all means, is a fallible god, and good god does he make so many mistakes. The parts where the series focuses on the gods and their actions are pretty great and very dramatic, but not so much when it goes to the mortal realm.

There’s a lot of mythology and lore to wade through in Blood of Zeus, and for the most part, it’s fine. Nothing spectacular by any means, but it’s not terrible either. The series does, however, suffer from a lack of pacing, and tends to drag a bit sometimes. As I said, these are when we focus more on the humans than gods, but it’s nothing too bad.

Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus follows Heron, the demigod son of the Greek god Zeus. When his wife Hera gets a whiff of the affair, she unleashes her wrath on heaven and earth, and Heron must do all he can to protect the realms.

The series is very dramatic and it is apparent with the background music. It’s loud and very in-your-face and reminds you that this is something VERY dramatic going on on-screen. As such, if you watch without much expectations, it’s a decent enough entertainer and does keep you decently hooked more often than not.

Hera is described to be this very scheming and conniving woman in Blood of Zeus but honestly, I think we can all agree that we’d be extremely angry if our significant other cheats on us. Also, let’s all please agree that most of the kids in Greece have Zeus’s blood by the look of things. That man cheats on his wife left right and centre – no wonder she’s so angry.

The plots too don’t always follow the most interesting (or sometimes logical) path. As I said, they try to hype it up with the music, but it’s pretty generic and not that profound or deep. We have seen similar stories before, but obviously, the creators have taken a lot of liberties when it comes to the original mythology.

Blood of Zeus

The principle character of Blood of Zeus, Heron, is the most uninteresting person I’ve seen in a while. Actually, he’s too good to actually be true. He is driven by the death of his mother and the rage against his absentee father, and well, that’s about it. He struggles with his daddy issues while fighting demons, the leader of whom is his own (half) blood. However, thank god that they didn’t make Heron as this buffed-up character – that would’ve been something.

The demons are, however, somewhat interesting, and the “relationship” between the demons, gods and humans, and how they are all tied together make for Blood of Zeus’s most interesting parts. Blood of Zeus is also pretty gory, and there are many action sequences that will keep you hooked. A lot of people are stabbed or beheaded and that’s satisfying to watch. Also, to add here, literally everyone fights everyone, and that’s great. The sequences are made well, and are overall engaging.

I think my throwing shade on Zeus’s character would tell you that, even though a completely terrible “person”, Zeus has the most interesting arc, unlike anyone else in the story. I wish they’d done more with Hera and Heron, but it’s still pretty good. Blood of Zeus explains the whys behind the actions and adds to the already-existing mythology. The animation’s good, and does a good job at showing something that, in itself, is so vast.

Summing up: Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus

I am kind of on the fence with this one. As I said before, I don’t hate it, and neither do I love it. I don’t hate it because there are some moments that I really liked and enjoyed, while others were downright boring. It’s not deathly boring, but watch this one with a grain of salt, I suppose.

Blood of Zeus is streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Blood of Zeus is an interesting take on the Greek mythologies that we are kind of familiar with. Yet, I am kind of on the fence with this one.
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