Netflix’s Biohackers Season 2 Review: Gripping & Twisted

Biohackers Season 2 premiered on 9th July 2021 on Netflix. Created by Christian Ditter, the 6-episode series stars Luna Wedler, Thomas Prenn, Beno Furmann, Jing Xiang, Adrian Julius Tillmann, and Jessica Schwarz alongside other cast members.

What Happened In The Last 3 Month?

Biohackers Season 1 kept viewers on the edge of their seats as the series explored scientific inventions, secrets, power, and exploitation. Studded with twits and turns, a good storyline, and a finely chosen cast, Season 1 of the series ends with a cliffhanger that left the viewers of the series wondering what went wrong. Now that the series is back with its second and final season, it seems as if almost everything is going wrong for Mia. After fighting and bringing to light the fatal gene experiment named “Homo Deus” in the previous season, Mia is stuck in a mess she doesn’t even remember.

Biohackers Season 2 opens with Mia waking up in the middle of her class with a shrill voice ringing in her head as she suddenly has no idea about what happened in the last three months. It’s January and the last month she recalls is October. She visits her old apartment but she no longer lives there, she has broken up with Niklas, she was successful in her mission of exposing Homo Deus but she cannot remember any of this. But the biggest shock to her is that she is still dating Jasper because as she remembers he was on the verge of killing her just three months back. It’s quite a mess.

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Mia experiences extreme headaches, hallucinations, blackouts, body shivering, and other such symptoms over time and this combined with her receding memory and a fight to know what happened to her is what makes up for the premise of the second season. Not to mention, there are major characters from season 1 that help Mia in her search for answers, in knowing what exactly happened to her.

Biohackers season 2
Netflix's Biohackers Season 2 Review: Gripping & Twisted 3

While the premise of the series seems pretty straightforward, the way it is presented is pretty twisted and gripping. Viewers can’t help but question almost everyone involved while they try and figure out what happened with Mia. Additionally, what adds to the series’ benefit is its execution of supporting characters this season. Every character seems to be well developed and has some weightage in the plot even if it’s for a small duration.

Biohackers Season 2 talks about the areas of science and experimenting that come at a fatal cost i.e., human experimentation and a lack of moral compass. Till what point are people willing to go, what costs are they ready to pay, all of this is covered in the series’ grey area.

Biohackers is not the best sci-fi on Netflix. There are abundant, better and large scale series and movies of this genre on the streaming platform but what Biohackers does well is that it caters to the curiosity of viewers to know more, to find the truth, to feel the thrill of fear and chase the truth.

All in all, Biohackers Season 2 is a worthy watch with everything about it planted just right. The series ends with a possibility of a third season since we don’t know what Fürstenberg asked his kids to do at the end of the series. Nevertheless, Biohackers Season 2 is engaging and riveting.

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Stream It or Skip It

Biohackers season 2
Netflix's Biohackers Season 2 Review: Gripping & Twisted 4

STREAM IT! Biohackers Season 2 is worth your time. It might not be the best out there but it definitely is good enough to keep you on the edge of your seats.

Biohackers Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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Biohackers Season 2 brings back the german sci-fi with twists and turns that'll keep you at the edge of your seats.

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