Netflix’s Biohackers Review: Gene Therapy at a Fatal Cost

Biohackers premiered on Netflix on 20th August 2020. The sci-fi series is directed by Christian Ditter and Tim Trachte, and stars Luna Wedler, Thomas Prenn, Adrian Julius Tillmann, and Jessica Schwarz alongside other cast members.

The Fatal Cost Of Experimenting

Biohackers is a German series that made its way to Netflix recently. After the success and brilliance of the series DARK, our hopes and expectations from this series were high and throughout its 6 episodes, the series does not disappoint its viewers. It has suspense, a great storyline, and a cast that just fits perfectly. The series is studded with twists and turns and ends with a cliffhanger.

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The story revolves around Mia Akerlund (Luna Wedler) who is on a mission to expose one of her medical university’s most important professors, Dr. Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), for the unethical gene-alteration she did years back named Homo Dues which killed her brother and ultimately parents.

As the first episode progresses we see Mia trying to give emergency aid to a woman on the train. However, very quickly others also start becoming unconscious until everyone on the train is affected.

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In the first episode itself, the series splits into various directions like light passing through a prism, where each colour holds a significance and an intricate story of its own. The story built around Mia’s life is intriguing and keeps you hooked to her struggles till the very end. Every mysterious piece the story splits into in the first episode reaches a satisfying conclusion.

The series also manages to clear out the questions one might have while watching it. Mia’s relationship with Niklas (Thomas Prenn), her roommates Ole (Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer,) Lotta (Caro Cult,) and Chen-Lu (Jing Xiang) is well-scripted and moves smoothly throughout. It does not look like a misfit or something unwanted since everyone has a particular part to play in Mia’s journey.

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Since the characters are medical students, they are not shown as a mere group of nerds. They party and modify plant genes making them glow and do everything a teenager would do. It is here where you feel that the show hasn’t lost touch with reality.

Stream It or Skip It

Biohackers 4
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STREAM IT! Biohackers is one of those sci-fi series that doesn’t only hold your attention from the very start but also ends on a note which you won’t have even thought about. It’s shocking. Even if you might not be convinced with the storyline, the cast is another thing that makes the watching experience perfect.
All in all, Biohackers is another German series that would leave you impressed and interested.

Biohackers is now streaming on Netflix.

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Biohackers is the latest German Sci-fi series which manages to bring together each of its elements in a way that'll keep you intrigued till the very end.

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