Netflix’s Beastars Gets Renewed for a Third Season

Produced by Netflix and Developed by Studio Orange, Beastars officially has another season in development.

As announced via a tweet by Studio Orange’s official Twitter account, Beastars has been announced to be returning to our screens. The anime also has a new website dedicated to the project. A tweet from Netflix Japan also backed up the announcement.

Beastars was originally a manga written by Paru Itagaki, and it was serialised in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion from September 2016 to October 2020. Netflix picked up the series, and the first season of the anime was released as a Netflix exclusive in 2019. It is adapted by Studio Orange, which is the anime studio behind popular anime like Black Bullet.

Beastars Season 3

The first season achieved a lot of critical and commercial success, causing Netflix to renew the anime for a second season, released not too long ago, in the Winter Anime 2021 season. The second season of Beastars also received rave reviews and ended in a manner that left the possibilities of another season open. Thus, the third season was more of a “when” than an “if” situation.

Beastars features the story of Legosi, a wolf, and Haru, a rabbit, who live in a civilised society of anthropomorphic animals dealing with the complex issues of herbivores and carnivores. The manga was compared to Disney’s Zootopia when it was first released, with the main characters and society seeming similar to a lot of people. However, Beastars goes a lot more cerebral in the universe it exists in, and the romantic aspect of the series is put to focus, which isn’t really done in Zootopia.

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Beastars Season 2 told the story of 99 chapters from the manga while skipping some chapters containing a main character’s backstory. Since the original manga run has 196 chapters, it is safe to say that Netflix and Studio Orange have enough material to make a Season 3 and much more. We could see the series extend to Season 4 and 5, even.

This announcement comes as a part of the renewed focus by Netflix into its anime division, with the platform acquiring streaming rights to various other extremely popular anime, such as Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Steins Gate and much more. Netflix also carries many great exclusives, most notably Castlevania, Eden, Kakegurui, and Beastars. To boost the popularity of these anime series, Netflix has also partnered up with various YouTubers to collaborate and make videos on their anime. Those videos can be found on the Netflix Anime youtube channel.

Beastars Season 3 manga cover

There isn’t a release date for Beastars Season 3 yet, as the new season is assumed to be in very early development. It should be expected to be on our screens in Late 2022- Early 2023 at the earliest. Meanwhile, you can check out some of the other anime that are running this season. The Aquatope on White Sand comes highly recommended, as well as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Season 2.

You can watch Beastars Season 1 and 2 on Netflix right now.

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