Netflix’s Bad Trip Review: Crazy Hilarious Public Pranks

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Bad Trip premiered on 26th March 2021 on Netflix. The American hidden camera comedy film is directed by Kitao Sakurai, starring Eric Andre, Lil Rey Howery, Tiffany Haddish, and Michaela Conlin. The film was scheduled to premiere at South by Southwest on March 14, 2020, and receive a theatrical release by Orion Pictures on April 17, 2020, but was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. It was accidentally released on Amazon Prime Video on April 17 and pirated prior to its official release. The film was later sold to Netflix.

Eric Andre is Back On Netflix

Back in June 2020, Eric Andre delivered his first comedy special with Netflix titled Eric Andre: Legalize Everything. Bad Trip marks the comedian’s second venture with Netflix and it is funny AF! Eric Andre plays the role of Chris, a goofball who often gets into hilariously unfortunate situations and happens to work in a car wash in Florida. While he is working, his high school crush Maria (Michaela Conlin) comes in and excited, Chris shares all about his feelings with one of his customers! But things take a turn when Chris’s clothes are sucked away by a high-power vacuum leaving him naked in the midst of his workshop exposing his butt to the customer.

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In the meantime, we see Bud (Howery) in an electronic repair shop mending broken phones when his sister from the streets Trina (Haddish) pulls up in her pink Crown Vic with BAD BITCH written in gigantic script on the back window. She instantly slaps Bud around and looks like she would thrash him now and breaks stuff as the customers watch in surprise and horror. Bud is Chris’s best bud, so naturally, he is a part and participle to all the crap Chris goes through and is an equal part of it at the same time.

As the film continues we see Chris and Bud’s misadventures and people in absolute surprise and horror often time trying to help in the situation or just enjoying the drama. Bad Trip leaves no place for serious moments.

bad trip
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Bad Trip is probably one of the most hilarious movies I have seen in a while. For a person like me who binge-watches Impractical Jokers, the film is a hundred steps ahead in the world of hidden-camera prank shows. Eric Andre is an unapologetically loud and shameless lad and we dig his vibe here. There are moments that are offensive, obviously, and if you cannot take it then Bad Trip is not the right film for you. You can prep yourself beforehand by watching Andre’s standup on Netflix to know his range but this film will crack you up guaranteed.

There is no plot in the storyline as such and more often than not the entire story is brought together with jump cuts. Though oftentimes the film is moronic and shapeless, it brings into light how bystanders react to strange situations and sometimes it includes giving a blind eye to everything! I don’t want to say that the film will necessarily make you laugh there is a possibility that it might annoy the crap out of you but if you are familiar with Andre’s style then you know what you’re signing up for.

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Every cast member here plays with bystanders by putting them in situations they believe are real and often times it would scare them and although this is not supposed to be funny, I laughed at it like crazy! But it shows how folks can be empathetic, kind-hearted, and more in their candid moments but not always. There is a heartfelt art-gallery propose scene that’ll crack you up or the part where somehow, holy shit who even thought of this, Chris and Bud have their penis (fake, of course) stuck out and tapped to each other, and more such scenario that’ll make you laugh even when you’re cringing at them hard.

Stream It Or Skip It

bad trip
BAD TRIP:(L to R) Eric Andre as “Chris” & Lil Rel Howery as “Bud”.

STREAM IT! With a fair idea of what you’re signing up for, Bad Trip is a good film and offers a good time. Haddish, Andre, and Howery are amazing in their parts. And lastly, don’t watch it with your family.

Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.

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Bad Trip is a hidden camera comedy film where hilarious pranks are pulled and Andre is butt naked at moments with Haddish as a gangsta and Howery as Bud Malone. It's one hell of a ride


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