Netflix’s Aryan and Meera Episode 1 Review: Short and Sweet

Aryan and Meera is a rom-com series exclusively premiering on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Directed by Tapasvi Mehta and starring Taaruk Raina and Zayn Marie Khan, Aryan and Meera episode 1 is 14 minutes long.

As Netflix puts it, Aryan and Meera episode 1 description reads:

They’re finally moving in together after a year of dating. Yes yes, it’s a VERY big step.

– Aryan and Meera episode 1 review contains mild spoilers –

Gone are the days when we could watch Permanent Roommates on TVF. I remember binging the two seasons and eagerly waiting for the (promised) next season to finally answer some of the burning questions that still haunt me 5 years later. That being said, Aryan and Meera gave me similar vibes.

A couple moving in together, with some problems and a whole lot of fun – makes for another easy-breezy watching experience, no? And hopefully this time we’ll get to watch the series to fruition and not give up on the hope of a series finale.

As with getting a place anywhere in India, Aryan and Meera episode 1 starts with the two lying to the broker about being second cousins. I mean, that’s something that has always come to our minds when thinking of moving in with our significant others – do we have to lie being siblings?

We then shift a year and a half before this moment. Aryan is the emotional one, while Meera is the “stronger” one. Of course, this is going to be a mushy story about love, relationships and some fights. The Netflix references feel a bit much but Aryan and Meera episode 1 is short and sweet enough to be a fun, mushy and easy-breezy watch.

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The production quality is great and the couple’s chemistry is cute enough to keep you smiling throughout. In the first episode, we understand their dedication to each other, their quirks and the fact that, hopefully, they won’t be too annoying to watch. However, with only a 14-minute runtime, it’s difficult to say much else.

Summing up: Aryan and Meera episode 1

Aryan and Meera episode 1 reminds me of the shows we used to get at one point in time when life wasn’t as complicated. It feels familiar and sweet and hopefully would be able to live up to our expectations. The episodes are short enough to not become a burden. Looking forward to watching the future episodes!

Aryan & Meera is streaming on Netflix India YouTube.

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Netflix's Aryan and Meera episode 1 feels familiar and sweet, and is short enough to making a good impact.

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