Netflix’s Army of Thieves: Everything To Know About Zack Snyder’s Next

Zack Synder’s next project titled ‘Army of Thieves’ is all set to release on Netflix. This film is going to serve as a prequel to Synder’s ‘Army of Dead’ being set six years prior to the event of the first film in the Army of Dead franchise. Synder’s whose last film was ‘Justice League: Synder Cut,’ has a cult-like fan following which made it possible for his cut of ‘Justice League’ to see the light of the day and which, one must add, is impeccably done and a reminder of Synder’s ‘Watchmen’ era when he made DC made more DC and less Marvel. You can read a review for the same, here.

Owing to its predecessor, this film has another heist surrounding the premise with an air of romance. Unfortunately, even though the screenplay is by Zack Synder for this film too, the director’s chair belongs to Matthias Schweighöfer. In fact, the film also stars Schweighöfer, who returns in his role of Ludwig Dieter. And, there’s more! Read on to find out everything you need to before streaming Netflix’s ‘Army of Thieves’.

Army of Thieves: Who are we going to see?

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As previously mentioned, Schweighöfer is back but, this time the show portrays his early days when he wasn’t a safecracking veteran. Alongside him, we are also going to see Nathalie Emmanuel as Gwendoline, who one might remember the best as Missandei from the hit ‘Game of Thrones’ series. There’s also British comedian Guz Khan as Rolph and Ruby O. Fee as Korina. The other cast members include Stuart Martin as Brad Cage, Jonathan Cohen as Delacroix, John Bubniak as Christopher, Noemie Nakai as Beatrix and Peter Simonischek.

We are also expected to see Hiroyuki Sanada reprising his role as Bly Tanaka from Army of the Dead through a still image.

Army of Thieves: What is the story going to be about?

The story is set six years before the events of ‘Army of the Dead’, the zombie outbreak is just at its beginning stage. We meet Ludwig Dieter who is in his initial days of safecracking and is then, hired by a mysterious woman who wants him to pull off a heist accompanied by a group of misfit yet aspiring thieves.

You can watch the trailer for ‘Army of Thieves’ below:

The film is supposed to air on Netflix on October 29, 2021.

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