Netflix’s Another Life Season 2 Review: Lifeless and Lost!

Another Life Season 2, starring Katee Sackhoff, Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, Elizabeth Ludlow, Tongayi Chirisa, Shannon Chan-Kent, Justin Chatwin, and Kurt Yaeger, is now out on Netflix. Created by Aaron Martin, the latest season has 10 episodes of 35-40 minutes each.

The synopsis for season 2 reads – The stakes couldn’t get higher as Niko and her crew witness the annihilation of a planet. How do you negotiate with aliens capable of such brutality?

Netflix’s Another Life Season 2 Contains No Spoilers

Another Life Season 2 starts with Niko (Katee Sackhoff) and her remaining crew watching the destruction of planet Zakir. If you remember, the Achaians were responsible for the massacre. Everyone who’s alive on the Salvare ship somehow protects themselves from the debris of Zakir. However, they are still not safe as the aliens of Achaia are looking out for them.

The first death happens in the first 10 minutes of the episode. Niko assigns different tasks to the remaining crew members to help the spaceship function and protect them from the debris. They intend to at least not die and somehow find a way back home. Unfortunately, not everyone goes as planned, and they’re stuck in the space for yet another season.

To be honest, for a story that’s set in space, there are hardly any space scenes but more about humans talking and arguing. The first season turned out to be a disappointment because of messy writing, with several loopholes. I thought that wouldn’t happen much in the latest season, but well, it’s another meaningless season. The writing was already weak for the space-alien, and the makers have explored more of the Earth drama this time. It only adds disappointment.

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For a show that has life in its title, the script seems lifeless. Any attempt Nico and her team makes mostly fails. I still don’t understand the logic of “following protocols” after witnessing so much damage and literally ruining the entire mission. I’m all in for the deep space-physics conversation; they happen in many Marvel movies too. But here, the conversations are also lame and makes no sense. It’s usually an argument instead of a theory. Without solving several queries, new plots are added that leaves you frustrated at times.

Another Life Season 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the latest season repeats the same mistake it did in the first season. The episodes are dragged and dragged with an ending that’s okay. The story keeps circling back to the same plot, similar troubles and offers nothing incredible. Also, never send people on space missions who have no clue what their job is!

Another Life Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Have you watched the show yet? Did you like it? Do let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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Another Life Season 2 Review: Niko and her crew on Salvare are still dealing with difficulties, and it's getting repetitive!


  1. im at sesson two eps 2, oh dear god whyyy!?! are they trying to get themself killed!?! why cant it be a full 2 minutes without somethong goes wrong, do you have weak nerves i would not recomend this show, il be cant watch much longer posdible 1 or 2 eps more, in this eps 2 they finally meet the alien, but they are doing alot of stupid thing like lets send over ouer AI computer to bother the deat or life discuss,

    oh yeah screaming at aliens make them angry good choice genius (thumbs up), killing another alien not the brightest idea,

    1,5 NOOPE more like 0,5, im stressed out my nerves thing is happens to much without reason and all this technologich talking are making me dizzy , gonna take a break now,

  2. I just can’t believe how bad this show is, and have been comforting myself with reading reviews (most of them rather negative) where people smarter than me put in words everything I think is bad with this show.

  3. You’re all completely mad. I think it’s one of the best sci-fi releases to ever hit the screen. Not sure what you mean by messy writing or loopholes and it’s more or less all in space. It’s a cooperative mission so there would obviously be arguments between people. The conversations are necessary. I mean what in earth do you want from this kind of program?

    • Ah. Thanks. That was a typo. Thanks for correcting. 🙂 Yet, it doesn’t take away the fact that I felt it is a poorly written show.

  4. the series is very well made….the reviewers here don’t know a thing about space exploration…the series showed what every human will do on its first mission like this…the mistakes, the decisions……its worth a try for sci-fi lovers

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