Netflix’s Angela’s Christmas Wish Review: Enmeshed in the Holiday Season with Warmth, Love, and Family!

Angela’s Christmas Wish premiered on 1st December 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Damien O’Connor, the film stars Caitriona Balfe, Oscar Butler, Moe Dunford, Shona Hamill, Jared Harris, Ruth Negga, and Lucy O’Connell.

I Wish, I Wish, I Wish…

Feel-good Christmas season arrived in November and Netflix is leaving no chances in eliciting the love, warmth, and spirit of positivity and wishes with a nonstop Christmas movie parade! Angela’s Christmas Wish is a sequel to the 2017 film Angela’s Christmas which was based on a story McCourt’s mother Angela told him and his brother, Malachy. But in this 2020 sequel, the McCourts’ don’t serve as directors or writers. Here Damien O’Connor has originally crafted the entire story.

Angela’s Christmas Wish revolves around a young girl, Angela, who lives with her three siblings and Mam (mother). 2 years ago their Da (father) went to Australia to work and as Christmas Eve approaches, Mam is tensed as she has been handling herself and her household alone for 2 years now. Thus, Angela decides to bring Da home for her as a Christmas surprise.

All the while, she expects her Mam to get her the doll she is obsessed with as a surprise for her on Christmas. Angela tries everything in her power to get her beloved Da back home. She tries digging a hole to Australia from Limerick, Ireland, board a ship alone, get train tickets, and even asks baby Jesus to help! But nothing works. As the story continues, we see Angela’s heartfelt attempt to get her entire family in one place for Christmas and starts to believe that wishes don’t come true but no child is supposed to feel that way! Will Angela’s Christmas Wish be fulfilled is the journey this 47-minutes long film follows with a pure heart and warmth!

  • Angela's Christmas Story
  • Angela's Christmas Story

Angela’s Christmas Wish is a heartwarming story about a child’s wish to get her father home, to sing him her song, and to see her mother happy. The setting and the storyline is as humble as Angela’s household. There are no fancy songs or dances or big trees to tell you it’s Christmas. The film tries to embed the idea of family, kindness, and its importance in viewers’, especially in children’s minds and steers clear from the materialistic happiness that we see rampant nowadays. It’s safe to say that the film manages to wrap a good amount of substance in its storyline in a short duration.

Other than the above said ideas, the film also takes into account the rich and their Christmas and again talks about the happiness that family carries and wealth doesn’t. There is empathy towards animals too which again falls in the bracket of kindness for one and all here. The animation in Angela’s Christmas Wish is simple and beautiful, there’s one song that Angela sings in a pub to collect money for train tickets, and it’s heartwarming. Other than that, there are no town-square shenanigans for Christmas here.

In one of the scenes, Angela and her brother visit the library to see a map and figure out how far Australia is and they reach a conclusion that it must not be that far. It’s just 4 pages far, aw!

Stream It or Skip It

Angela's Christmas Story

STREAM IT! Angela’s Christmas Wish is short and sweet! If you’re planning for a Christmas family movie with younger siblings. this film is perfect! While the film isn’t exactly a Christmas thriller, it is worth every minute of it. Lastly, there is no Santa “ho-ho-ho!” or fairies here, just some truths about life and the importance of family, love, and warmth above material.

Angela’s Christmas Wish is now streaming on Netflix.

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Angela's Christmas Wish is heartwarming and pure. With an aim to warm your heart with purity and family snuggles, Angela is here! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.

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