Netflix’s America The Motion Picture Review: It’s a Bloodbath!

Netflix has released America The Motion Picture, a movie on the American Revolution. You might think that we have many films based on that but America The Motion Picture is not like the others. This animated film is a hysterical take on American history. It is a star-studded film, starring some of our favourites like Channing Tatum as George Washington, Jason Mantzoukas as Sam Adams, Andy Samberg as Benedict Arnold, Olivia Munn as a female Thomas Edison and Simon Pegg as Kind James.

From the starting till the end, America The Motion Picture is outrageous. With such a vocal cast and a loud plotline, this movie feels annoying at times, and you might wish for it to end soon. That being said, there are times when you will laugh and appreciate the different outlooks of the revolution.

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Outrageous Take on the American Revolution

America The Motion Picture is set during the time when America got independence from the British. The timeline and the facts have been tweaked for the sake of the movie. It starts with the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. You can see some of the most important faces in the history of the country: the founding fathers. As they sign the Declaration, Benedict Arnold turns into a werewolf and kills everyone in the room. This is to show him turning into a traitor and joining the British.

America: The Motion Picture

You might think about what just happened but that is the least crazy part about America The Motion Picture. These antics continue till the end of the movie and at times, become way too over-the-top. The story continues with George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benedict Arnold at an opera. They all are the three musketeers until Benedict betrays them and kills Abraham Lincoln.

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As Abraham Lincoln is dying George Washington’s arms, he tells George about his dream of a free country which shall name America. From henceforth, George carries on Abe’s dream to turn it into reality. He goes on a journey to find some of the finest people he can procure. He makes a team consisting of Sam Adams; Geronimo, a native American who is good with directions and tracking; a female Thomas Edison; Paul Revere, the legendary silversmith and Blacksmith.

Superhero Founding Fathers

They all look like superheroes rather than freedom fighters which is what this film is going for. America The Motion Picture continues with the story of how these people fought with King James, Benedict Arnold, and the fun police. The raunchiness in the storytelling makes the film overwhelming. Director Matt Thompson and screenwriter David Callaham have added a spark of science-fiction with lasers, beams, and gadgets.

America: The Motion Picture George Washington

At the same time, America The Motion Picture depicts the current situation of America through the story. The taxpayers’ money going down the drain, the overpriced items, discrimination against everyone who looks different, racism, sexism, and much more. The true American idiocy is shown earnestly through America The Motion Picture.

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Blips of References

In the final scene, the Battle of Gettysburg is just something else. As both sides gather around the hills, preparing for a bloodbath, you can see many references to wars shown in other films. Such as the Brits turn their famous red doubledecker busses into Star Wars AT-AT walkers.

America: The Motion Picture

On the other side, you can see a bull, people of different shapes, sizes, and colours. This scene reminded us of the battle of Hogwarts and Narnia. The movie also depicts references to Fast and Furious, Harry and the Hendersons, and other pop culture references. The most hilarious part of America The Motion Picture is Sam Adams as a part of a fraternity who invents beer which ultimately saves them from the overpriced British tea. All of this sounds confusing until you watch America The Motion Picture.

America The Motion Picture seems like a bloated effort of making a satirical film based on historical facts. But, it remains to be a trial and error film. If you want to indulge in a silly movie, then this film is perfect for you.

You can watch America The Motion Picture on Netflix.

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America The Motion Picture seems like a bloated effort of making a satirical film based on historical facts. But, it remains to be a trial and error film.
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