Netflix’s A Week Away Review: There’s Hope At The End Of This Christian Summer Camp Musical!

A Week Away premiered on 26th March 2021 on Netflix. The American Christian musical teen drama film is directed by Roman White, starring Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, David Koechner, and Sherri Shepherd alongside other cast members.

A Conversion Of Heart

A Week Away opens with a troublesome kid name Will running away from police, he is being chased by the cop for auto theft and that leaves no choice for orphan Will but to now shift to a juvenile home as he has shifted from approximately 22 foster families and has been nothing but trouble. But he is faced with two options soon after i.e., either going to the juvenile home or going to a Christian summer camp and he chooses the latter. As soon as he reaches the camp with his new cousin George, he gets heart eyes for Avery, the camp owner’s teen daughter.

As the story progresses, Will goes through a conversion of heart and no longer strives to create chaos but rather aims at being the man his parents would be proud of. But things take a turn when one of his campmates access his file and spill the beans about his faulty past record to Avery. What happens next and what it brings for Will is the journey we further follow as we dive into A Week Away.

Like every other musical, A Week Away also has people randomly dancing and singing at the most unexpected moments with picture-perfect choreography. The film centres more on romance and teen angst rather than talking more about Will and the effect the camp has on him internally and not on the surface level. There is also a very little emphasis on what kind of a kid Will is; at one moment he is messing with cops on the street and at the next, he is soft and follows rules, both these vibes don’t match and leave a hole in the character graph.

A Week Away

Furthermore, the summer camp has teenagers and they are all believers. There is no conflict in terms of faith and doubt! There is no problem and resolution, it is just dance and music with little to no meaning. For the most part, the dialogues are rather predictable and cheesy and the teenagers are nothing close to reality. A Week Away poses weird imagery of teenagers and religion, leaving you with no lesson/meaning whatsoever.

With a bleak storyline and a good cast, A Week Away has nothing to offer other than a few catchy songs and that’s it. I wish the film had more points of conflict and showed teenagers working their way through it rather than posing candy imagery of life and god.

Stream It or Skip It

A Week Away

SKIP IT! A Week Away is the epitome of musical clichés and has very little to offer. The film leaves no marks on the viewers and is easily forgettable but if you’re in a mood for some cheesy teen musical then A Week Away does its job well. There is nothing extremely bad with the musical but it is nothing spectacular either and that is what brings it down.

A Week Away is streaming now on Netflix.

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A Week Away is Netflix's latest Christian Summer Camp Musical with teenagers hopping and dancing around throughout!

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