Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 7 Recap: Blood and Fire

Inspector Koo or Gukyeongi is a Korean drama TV series directed by Lee Jung-Heum and starring Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, and Kim Hae-sook, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes. Inspector Koo episode 7 is 66 minutes long.

Netflix describes the show as:

A reclusive ex-cop reenters the game as an insurance investigator, searching for clues in crime scenes perfectly staged by a serial killer in her midst.

– Inspector Koo episode 7 recap contains major spoilers –

Inspector Koo episode 7 starts with Santa singing to himself and looking through an album with Kyung-yi’s pictures. Beside him are the things to make the black devil dolls. Well, I take it back. It seems like he’s not the innocent guy that I thought he was and I am not ok with that. The next morning, we see Santa putting a vial of clear liquid in a sleeping Kyung-yi’s drink who just drinks it without a care in the world.

Later that day, as Je-hui and Gyeong-su follow Ko Dam, he mentions how the security is lax and that it’d be really easy for a truck to run into him right now. That’s when a bunch of trucks come in from nowhere and box the two cars in. It’s a shockingly hilarious scene, one where both Je-hui and Gyeong-su are left speechless. As Ko Dam goes into the highly guarded KD Peace Lab, the four sit outside to think about how he might get killed. They get an answer when the lab throws down a banner for a convention centre.

As Kyung-yi, Je-hui and Yong Sook wonder how Yi-kyung will kill Ko Dam, Kyung-yi tells them that she will set the stage for her. Meanwhile, someone puts a mock bomb in front of KD Peace Labs to remind them that Ko Dam’s security is lax. An enraged Ko Dam beats up the security officer in charge and then tricks him into killing his guard dogs effectively getting him embroiled on animal abuse charges.

Yi-kyung, too, is on the prowl and sneaks in something into the building using a delivery person. At the same time, in Inspector Koo episode 7, the four plan out what might happen in the convention and realise that the only one Yi-kyung has to protect is Jeong-yeon and so she won’t be able to help it. Next, Yong Sook’s people lock Jeong-yeon up in a room and ask her to cooperate with them to nab Yi-kyung.

When Kyung-yi asks Jeong-yeon to meet her outside to talk, the former lets her know that Yi-kyung has killed people and will continue doing so if she is not caught. However, Jeong-yeon refuses to believe her and tells her that she will talk to her niece and set things straight because Yi-kyung could never hurt anyone. Kyung-yi leaves after telling her that she is the only person Yi-kyung can be honest with.

As Kyung-yi checks out the convention centre from the inside, Yi-kyung and Gun-wook also look in after hacking into the camera signal. However, Kyung-yi and the gang are able to cut them off, which both frustrates and surprises Yi-kyung. As Je-hui and Santa join them, they spot a hole on the gap which they effectively cover up. This causes their signal to go out.

At the convention space, Kyung-yi realises how Yi-kyung plans to execute the murder. It takes some interesting steps, ones which only Kyung-yi can accurately describe and methodically take apart, with the help of some nice comic-like cartoons. Anyway, on the day of the convention, in Inspector Koo episode 7, the robot launch goes off without a hitch. However, Kyung-yi assures Je-hui that this is just the start for Yi-kyung.

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She instructs a disguised Gun-wook to take in a tray of food to the convention in Inspector Koo episode 7. It must have something in it, although at first we are not told what. However, things hit the fan when Yi-kyung realises too late that her aunt is also there, standing beside Ko Dam. By then though, several tiny robots start coming out of the food crate that Gun-wook just delivered to Santa and Yi-kyung desperately tells Gun-wook to get her aunt out of there.

As everyone looks at the cute robots dancing, Gun-wook tries to get Jeong-yeon out of the hall, but she refuses to listen to him. As Kyung-yi gives chase to him, Ko Dam senses something amiss and gets off the robot, which immediately gets engulfed in a huge ball of flame.

It’s pandemonium inside the hall now and as Ko Dam tries to run off using a secret gateway, Jeong-yeon follows suit, in Inspector Koo episode 7. Je-hui tases Ko Dam at the escape route and Jeong-yeon catches her. As Je-hui tries to tell her that she isn’t trying to murder Ko Dam and frame Yi-kyung for it, a desperate Yi-kyung calls Ko Dam’s cell and is shocked when Jeong-yeon picks up.

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She asks her aunt to not move an inch but is immobilised when she stops in front of a car. Yi-kyung hears it from inside the escape route and comes out of the back door and is immediately shot by an iron rod, something that Kyung-yi and gang got a taste of the previous day. As Jeong-yeon falls dead on the floor in Inspector Koo episode 7, Yi-kyung snaps out of her trance and is left heartbroken to find Kyung-yi checking on her dead aunt.

Meanwhile, Yong Sook has a conversation with Ko Dam but the latter tells her that the information that she’s scared of is something that only he knows and he will take it to his grave. This pleases Yong Sook, and her men frame an accident in order to kill him. Je-hui stands there and watches all of this go down and doesn’t look very pleased with all of this.

Inspector Koo episode 7 ends with Kyung-yi standing in front of the burnt robot and Yi-kyung in a daze, repeating the moment of her aunt’s death over in her head.

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Final Thoughts: Inspector Koo episode 7

Inspector Koo episode 7 was a little on the slower side, even with burning robots and a very elaborate murder plan. Somehow, somewhere, the plan feels a bit much and even with the shocking end result, it felt not so engrossing. Even before the robots though, it’s a slow episode. I mean there’s an entire scene with Yi-kyung feeling left out of Gun-wook’s budding romance. It’s so odd!

Also, I am confused as to what happened on the last episode’s ending. Are were just supposed to forget Kyung-yi looking menacingly at Santa and that mug? What about how this episode starts? Maybe the series is trying to keep up the reveals for later. But you can’t just forget an entire plot point and not come back to it at any point of time. Anyway, here’s to hoping the next episode is more engrossing.

tor Koo is streaming on Netflix.

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Inspector Koo episode 7 doesn't engross as much, even though there's a burning robot and an accidental murder using metal... pipes?

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Inspector Koo episode 7 doesn't engross as much, even though there's a burning robot and an accidental murder using metal... pipes?Netflix’s Inspector Koo Episode 7 Recap: Blood and Fire