Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Review: A Tennis Star Built for Success

The three-part docuseries titled Naomi Osaka focuses entirely on the life of Naomi Osaka, with director Garrett Bradley capturing a story that is at once utterly specific and universal. The limited series available to stream on Netflix on 16th July 2021 revolves around the WTA Finals and the questions surrounding Osaka’s new status as a top-ranked tennis player. At the centre of the docuseries is the relentless, driven, talented Naomi Osaka.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Naomi Osaka’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

It’s an intimate portrait of Naomi Osaka as she takes us on a journey to discover her culturally diverse background. From growing up with her Japanese mother and Haitian father to winning the US Open in September 2018 at 21 years old, this series deepens our understanding of who she is as a tennis champion and a rising leader in the cultural identity landscape. The episodes are visually stimulating and interesting, with a variety of new subject matter that fans haven’t seen before.

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Titled Rise, the first episode wrestles with the realities of Osaka’s increasing celebrity and the unanswered questions it prompts. She wants to be great but is unsure how to approach her ambitions on the court or navigate the stardom that accompanies her fame. The documentary also focuses on pressures borne from her mixed Japanese-Haitian identity, as she describes her upbringing amid low expectations projected onto her.

It is rare to see a documentary image of the titular character that doesn’t yet know herself, if only because it is nearly impossible to capture one’s evolution as they continue to evolve. But that is what director Garrett Bradley has done with the documentary about the 23-year-old phenomenon who won the Grand Slam title at 21. The film — a behind-the-scenes look at her rise from humble beginnings to fame and glory — is a snapshot of its subject at an intersection between self-awareness and complete obliviousness to self.

Naomi Osaka-A Champion among Champions

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A graceful and multilingual figure on the court, Naomi Osaka flaunts a modern outlook far beyond her age. She’s a force of talent, energy, and resilience—the tennis star is built for success. As Naomi opens her life and home to viewers, she also navigates her unique multiracial heritage, bursting with pride at being Japanese American.

As the documentary progresses, it becomes clear what the filmmakers’ goal was: to make viewers see Osaka as a whole person, not just a tennis star. Naomi Osaka is one of the most intriguing athletes in tennis: at once completely dominant-still so young and raw yet capable of the most potent power. Despite her growing accomplishments, however, she endures several contradictions which serve as both a boon and burden. She is a tennis player who does not seem to care about winning titles or money.

As she forges connections to family members, she finds herself even more driven to realize her dreams. Her journey takes her to prestigious events like the US Open, back to her familial heritage. At the same time, she seeks to define herself as an athlete, a competitor, an Asian-American woman, a millennial entrepreneur, and a daughter.

Breaking Barriers On and Off Court- Naomi Osaka’s Truth

Naomi Osaka shocked the sports world by defeating reigning Wimbledon champion Serena Williams in September 2018. The win propelled Osaka to superstar status, and she quickly rocketed from being a mere tennis player to an aspiring change. Her journey to the world stage has also led her down an emotional path of self-discovery.

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Her accomplishments are impressive, but she is more than her success. She is a powerful voice, using her platform to amplify prominent causes. She is a human rights activist who has used her platform to shout out against social injustice and raise awareness about important issues like equality in America. In the face of these crucial issues, she is becoming a powerful voice for change.

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Great as she may be, she remains human and keeps surprising us with her big personality. Serving up the best lines — sincere and profound — this Netflix documentary series deserves to be watched because of many things, including its beautiful and enthralling charisma. Come to find out that soul, heart and effort are at the core of Naomi’s mindset when playing tennis. And even if she remains fleeting to look into the cameras and vulnerable to the ways of the world, Naomi gets to shine in every episode thanks to her personal growth and presence.

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At a divisive time in our culture, Naomi digs deep into her family roots, discovering more than just lineage – she also learns about identity and what it means to be genuinely connected. Her career achievements up to this point, as well as her meteoric rise in tennis, are staggering.

Stream It or Skip It?

Naomi Osaka is on a collision course. As a very young rising star, she is helping to usher in an exciting future of tennis. But for her, the attraction to tennis is about more than just hitting a ball over the net. She’s deeply interested in discovering and understanding her cultural roots. And as the first Asian-American player competing at the highest level of pro tennis, Naomi has a chance to begin reshaping how we think about race and sports. The limited series is a must-watch, and Naomi Osaka is a name that should be familiar to everyone.

Naomi Osaka is streaming on Netflix.




The documentary features Naomi Osaka's life and work - a thrilling testament of her power and determination.

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