Netflix’s My Love: Six Stories of True Love Review: Hope and Joy

My Love: Six Stories of True Love is a limited series consisting of six different stories from different directors.

Thinking about what will happen when we become old is truly a little horrifying and anxiety-inducing. To stay alive at an age when you may or may not be able to do much is a cause for concern. However, things might just be a little easy if you have your significant other by your side.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love focuses on six stories that bring forth that idea of togetherness after years of marriage. The idea is simple: what do couples who have been together for decades do on a particular year? And the end result might not be as exciting as one might expect. Think about it, does something exciting happen in your life every month of every year? No, it doesn’t. However, you might still find it memorable.

The directors in this six-part series wanted to capture just that – what makes long-term relationships tick? How do people who have been with each other day-in and day-out for years on end spend their days together? Is there some secret? The answers might or might not surprise you, but the feeling after each episode will definitely warm your heart.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love follows six different couples from six countries – USA, Spain, Japan, Korea, Brazil and India. There’s much to learn here, other than just how to stay in love for this long. The six couples, with lots of knowledge on their side, can teach you about empathy, compromise, adjustment and camaraderie. Some couples in the show also prepare for what happens to them after they die instead of leaving that to their children.

It’s not to say that the couples aren’t intimate anymore. Of course, it’s not all-out wild sex, but the snuggles and head kisses or the gentle hand on the shoulder is heartwarming to watch. Additionally, all of these people have gone through something very different from the others and there’s a lot to learn in that respect as well.

The couples of My Love enjoy their time together and like doing what they are doing. Our generation, with our Netflix and nightclubs, might not find their activities to be fulfilling and might even call it boring, but there’s something very charming about the whole thing that just does not let you go without a smile. Of course, there have also been disagreements but everyone has gotten over them after maybe a discussion or a fight. Because it’s always good to remember that it is the couple against the problem and not them against each other.

Summing up: My Love: Six Stories of True Love

My Love: Six Stories of True Love is a sweet series that is calming to watch. There’s nothing crazy that goes on and neither does it try to dictate how you should live your life. It’s just the lives of six couples in a particular year. It does provide hope in a rather dreary world and gives a subtle hint of what makes these couples click.

My Love: Six Stories of True Love is streaming on Netflix.

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My Love: Six Stories of True Love is a heartwarming and happy experience and a peek into the lives of decades-old couples.
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