My Liberation Notes Episode 8 Reactions: Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Gu And Mi-jeong’s Subtle Romance

My Liberation Notes is moving forward at just the right place. In My Liberation Notes Episode 8 showed the progress in the Yeom siblings’ lives. This Kdrama is a slice of life and feels like watching the story of friends. This series stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El in lead roles.

In My Liberation Notes Episode 8, Gi-jeong has fallen in love with Tae-hun but believes that he will never love her back because of her karma as she has not only rejected but also humiliated the guys who asked her out. Chang-hee’s colleague is trying to snatch his project from him and he is trying to get into another team. However, keeping all the harsh realistic moments aside, people sure do love a romance, no matter how subtle or bold it is. Fans of the Kdrama can’t stop swooning over Gu and Mi-jeong’s slow-burn romance.

My Liberation Notes Episode 8

A fan took to Twitter to appreciate Gu taking Mi-jeong to a place in her childhood memories, “I love this short but meaningful conversation. Basically, Mr. Gu is telling Mijeong that one day, she will also grow old & look back on this day. So instead of wanting to be younger, she should appreciate who she is in the present moment. #MyLiberationNotes #MyLiberationNotesEp8”

Fans noticed change in Gu’s behaviour for Mi-jeong when he didn’t buy alcohol, “What about alcohol?” Mr. Gu bought chocolates and coffee for Mijeong and him and the store owner find it weird that he didn’t buy alcohol lmao. THE MIJEONG EFFECT #MyLiberationNotesEp8 #MyLiberationNotes

My Liberation Notes Episode 8

The siblings don’t show openly but they still care about each other. “mijeong waited for gijeong to arrive. mijeong’s eyes got teary as she saw her sister hurting and crying. the softest thing i saw tonight 🥺 #MyLiberationNotes #MyLiberationNotesEp8” as a fan highlighted from the My Liberation Notes Episode 8.

They even help each other in stupid things because you can’t really say no to your siblings. “The love-hate relationship between the Yeom siblings❤️ Changhee not wanting to go along with Gijeong’s crazy idea but at the end agreeing. Mijeong being there for her when she came home and crying with her #MyLiberationNotes #MyLiberationNotesEp8”

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My Liberation Notes Episode 8 is available to watch on Netflix.

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