My Liberation Notes Episode 6 Recap: Chang-hee Finds The Power of His Love

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. My Liberation Notes Episode 6 has a runtime of 65 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes Episode 6 Recap contains spoilers –

Gi-jeong has noticed the change in Mi-jeong’s behaviour and she also catches her walking home with Mr. Gu. Neither Gu nor Mi-jeong are the kind of people who would just hang out with anyone. Mi-jeong has never received messages from anyone but she has been getting some at late night these days and she doesn’t let anyone near her phone.

My Liberation Notes Episode 6
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 6

She decides to talk with Mi-jeong over the drinks and asks why she would date a strange person like Gu. Mi-jeong explains to her how she has never loved someone truly and how she wants to love someone without holding back. Still, Gi-jeong doesn’t understand why she would choose a drunkard who doesn’t even tell his real name to anyone.

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After their first round of drinking, Gi-jeong and Mi-jeong go to Tae-hun’s restaurant for the second round of drinking. Gi-jeong gets her chance to talk with Tae-hun whom she desperately needed to talk to. They both realize that they have similar thoughts which makes their conversations interesting for them. The next day, Gi-jeong keeps talking to her boss about Tae-hun which makes other women in her office jealous of their friendship.

My Liberation Notes Episode 6
My Liberation Notes Episode 6

Chang-hee is the manager of a convenience store chain and one of the store owners has decided to hand over his store to someone else because he has gotten old. He makes an offer to Chang-hee but he doesn’t have enough money to get that store. However, his father can have this kind of money but it is next to impossible to convince him. The store can make his family extremely rich but his father will never let go of his farm and Chang-hee doesn’t have any other collateral to get a big amount of loan on.

My Liberation Notes Episode 6 Ending

Chang-hee asks two of his friends if they can take over the store because anyway, he can’t let go of that store as a manager. None of his friends has enough money either and it makes Chang-hee believe that everyone he loves is doomed and can never be rich. His colleague, Jeong A-reum’s father takes over the store and she pretends to play innocent. Chang-hee is impressed by her sly behaviour and promises himself that he will love A-reum like his life is on the line, just so that he can ruin her life.

My Liberation Notes Episode 6
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 6

Mr. Gu and Mi-jeong’s relationship has been growing as they keep indulging in conversations. Two introverts engage in a conversation about how they hate to make small talk and even thinking about what to say to someone makes them miserable. Both of them open up their truest selves to each other. Gu tells Mi-jeong that he feels like a human only when he is drunk and he doesn’t care about anyone when he is sober. Mi-jeong also makes it clear that she won’t force Gu for anything and neither will she cling to him. She will let him go once she feels whole.

My Liberation Notes Episode 6 Review

My Liberation Notes Episode 6 shows the development of Gu and Mi-jeong’s relationship and also Gi-jeong’s love life looks promising. However, Chang-hee’s dreams are crushed again. Come to think of it, Chang-hee has been living his life more enthusiastically than his siblings. He is often frustrated but he always speaks what’s on his mind indicating he is always clear with his thoughts and is never confused about his decisions. Chang-hee is desperate to make the change, to live a better life but luck is never on his side.

My Liberation Notes is available to watch on Netflix.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 6, Chang-hee's dream is crushed again.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 6, Chang-hee's dream is crushed again.My Liberation Notes Episode 6 Recap: Chang-hee Finds The Power of His Love