My Liberation Notes Episode 5 Recap: Son Suk-ku And Kim Ji-won’s Unconventional Relationship

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. My Liberation Notes Episode 5 has a runtime of 61 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes Episode 5 Recap contains spoilers –

Mr. Gu’s long jump intrigues Chang-hee and makes him excited. He believes that Mr. Gu must have been a national athlete and tries to search for him on the internet. Chang-hee talks to his friends about Gu continuously which irritates them and they have to ask him to stop. Chang-hee tells the reason behind this as he hasn’t felt joy or excitement in a long time but Gu’s stunt made him feel like that.

My Liberation Notes Episode 5
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 5

Gi-jeong cannot stop thinking about Cho Tae-hun since the day she met him at his sister’s restaurant. Tae-hun is Mi-jeong’s colleague and also the younger brother of Gi-jeong’s high school friend. Tae-hun’s older sister is hot-tempered and Gi-jeong is scared of her actions if she finds out that she had hurt his brother and niece. Despite all the problems, she cannot stop thinking about him and feels like she is in love.

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The Liberation Club has been summoned by the Joy Support Group and they have asked them to provide a report of their club’s activities. The club doesn’t do anything worth reporting hence they have been told to keep a journal of their activities. Though initially perplexed, the club members like the idea of the journal as all of them have different reasons to keep a journal.

My Liberation Notes Episode 5
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 5

Mi-jeong has been feeling attracted to Mr. Gu but she keeps on telling herself to not beg for love from him. She tries to act normal around him but Mr. Gu’s behaviour has changed. He has been making small talks and ends up asking Mi-jeong if they would be any different if they were together. Mi-jeong replies that people change after they do something they have never done before and asks him if he would worship her. Mr. Gu declares that he has already started when he helped her get her hat in the morning.

My Liberation Notes Episode 5 Ending

Chang-hee got closer to one of his co-workers during the office dinner but refused to contact her later. When his colleague asks him why he should let go of an opportunity, Chang-hee tells him that he is not capable of giving her what she wants. Chang-hee understands that they are growing older and no one wants to date for fun. The woman clearly had marriage and kids in mind but Chang-hee doesn’t want to have kids which stops him from pursuing relationships.

My Liberation Notes Episode 5
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 5

Mr. Gu has decided to worship Mi-jeong but he doesn’t get an opportunity to spend time with her. He works all day and when Mi-jeong comes home, she is always surrounded by her family. He feels uneasy about not getting to spend time with her so he dares to ask Mi-jeong’s father for her mobile number and asks her out for a dinner with him since he has received his salary. Mi-jeong has written in her journal that she has never liked a single person in her life and she wants to try to find such a person this time. In Mr. Gu, Mi-jeong has got a chance to find a person she really likes.

My Liberation Notes Episode 5 Review

My Liberation Notes Episode 5 brings a hopeful mood to the lives of the siblings. Love is peeking into the lives of all of them but it is not a simple love. Mi-jeong’s journey toward self-discovery and self-healing has been moving forward at a steady pace and Mr. Gu has been helping a lot in it. We get to see a different side of Mr. Gu now that he has decided to worship Mi-jeong and it is surely going to be exciting to see how their relationship and their characters develop.

My Liberation Notes is available to watch on Netflix.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 5, Mr. Gu tells Mi-jeong what she wanted to hear.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 5, Mr. Gu tells Mi-jeong what she wanted to hear.My Liberation Notes Episode 5 Recap: Son Suk-ku And Kim Ji-won's Unconventional Relationship