My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Recap: Kim Ji-won Finds Her Club

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. My Liberation Notes episode 3 has a runtime of 63 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes episode 3 recap contains spoilers –

Mi-jeong had asked Mr. Gu to worship her but he tells her off by saying that he doesn’t want to do anything and that he has been living silently in this village for a reason. When Mi-jeong said she wanted to feel whole, in reply, Mr. Gu asks her if she has ever made anyone feel whole. Mi-jeong is embarrassed by her erratic behaviour and refuses to go home from work because it is uncomfortable. It is the first time in a long time that she has missed her last train home.

Mi-jeong’s brother Chang-hee has been going on out about how his ex-girlfriend still irritates him by showing up at places he doesn’t want her to see. Chang-hee is frustrated about everything most of the time. While everyone in the house sleeps soundly without any complaint, he needs the AC on because it’s too hot. He fumes more because of his anger than the weather.

My Liberation Notes, Kim Ji-won, Son Suk-ku
Still from My Liberation Notes

Gi-jeong has gone on a blind date after a pretty long time. Everything has been going well but as soon as she starts talking about her idea of noblest romance, things start to fall apart. Her love life has been failing and her work life isn’t exciting either. She had been feeling ignored by her boss and decides to confront him. Her boss mentions that he did it subconsciously and did not mean to make her feel that way.

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The boss treats Gi-jeong to a meal and she asks her boss for his honest opinion of her. The formal meeting turns into quite an informal conversation as the boss gives Gi-jeong advice on love and dating. The insecure bug inside Gi-jeong’s mind seems to die after talking with her boss. As Gi-jeong tries to find her love, could that person be her boss?

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Recap: Kim Ji-won Finds Her Club
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 3

Mr. Gu’s eccentric behaviour is one of the few topics that the Yeom family share a brief conversation about. Mr. Gu is an alcoholic and as per his neighbour, Oh Du-hwan, he has drinking behaviours. Mr. Gu uses different glasses to drink at the same time and changes them when he gets bored. He drinks all day while looking outside the windows on every wall and that is his daily routine. They all pity Mr. Gu for his loneliness and Chang-hee tries to befriend him but to no avail.

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Ending – The Formation of Liberation Club

The three introverts of the office have been summoned by the Joy Support Group again. Three of them are tired of getting called, again and again, hence they decide to form their own club. While Cho Tae-hoon and Park Sang-min search for already existing clubs, Mi-jeong suggests they form Liberation Club. She describes it as a liberation from the trap. They all feel trapped in something and want to liberate themselves. Although they are not sure what they are going to do in the club, they convince the support group to start the club.

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Recap: Kim Ji-won Finds Her Club
Still from My Liberation Notes

The idea of the club came right from Mi-jeong’s heart and implementing it makes her feel liberated. She has been in a good mood since the club’s formation and asks Mr. Gu if he wants her to worship him because she feels that he hasn’t ever felt whole either. She has been making moves on him and it works. Mr. Gu who barely utters a word, speaks with Mi-jeong. Mi-jeong is delighted and this can be the beginning of her feeling whole and liberating herself.

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 Review

My Liberation Notes Episode 3 prominently revolves around the love lives of the siblings. All of them are insecure about many things about themselves but the root of them all seems to be their town. Their lives are a lot different than people living in Seoul which is evident in how they do farm work on the weekends. None of them has a shining profession but they want to have a better lifestyle. Mr. Gu holds a secret that he wants no one to know about. Though he looks cold-hearted, he has helped Mi-jeong on multiple occasions. In a rather dull plot, Mi-jeong and Mr. Gu’s little interactions seem to take the story somewhere.

My Liberation Notes is available to watch on Netflix.

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Yeom Mi-jeong finds the club she belongs to in My Liberation Notes episode 3!

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