My Liberation Notes Episode 2 Recap: Kim Ji-won in an Office Obsessed With Clubs!

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. My Liberation Notes episode 2 has a runtime of 62 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

My Liberation Notes episode 2 starts with Mr. Gu getting a hand on Mi-jeong’s fated letter. He doesn’t seem much interested in it other than reading “Notice of Delinquency”. Meanwhile, Mi-jeong misses her bus and comes across Mr. Gu as she’s walking home. He quietly tells her that the letter’s with him and she promises to pick it up later. On the other hand, Gi-jeong’s colleague asks her to check out apartments in his neighbourhood which she agrees to check out.

She comes home and the first thing she says is that – she left the office when it was bright outside but it’s already dark. Her entire evening is already gone. As everyone quietly goes about their day, Mi-jeong goes to meet Gu and get the letter from him. But once there, she asks him to keep it and apologises for not giving him a heads up about changing the address in the bank.

my liberation notes episode 2
Still From My Liberation Notes episode 2

Mi-jeong pleads on text with the person she loaned the money to return her calls and tells them that she has made the first month’s payment. However, it seems like whoever it is, has ghosted her.

The next day at work, Mi-jeong gets hassled for not joining any clubs, apparently, and Gi-jeong and Chan-hee get into a frustrating conversation regarding why Park Jin-u dates everyone in the office but not her. However, the night celebrating Hyeon-a’s birthday seems like an eye-opener for Mi-jeong.

Meanwhile, Gi-jeong continues to crib about Jin-u talking to everyone but her. The point isn’t love or sex. At this point, she simply wants to talk to a man. Meanwhile, Mi-jeong gets to know that the person she had loaned money to has disappeared to Thailand with his lover. He apparently took money from a lot of people. Things aren’t going great. Either way, things aren’t clearly looking up for the sisters either who seem to be losing themselves in the monotony of everyday life, especially due to the long commute.

my liberation notes episode 2
Still From My Liberation Notes episode 2

When Mi-jeong gets home, however, she sees Gu on the ground bleeding all over the place. She has no idea what’s going on, just her parents rushing the injured man to a doctor. That night at the dinner table, the family discuss what could’ve happened to Gu and his backstory but other than mild speculation, no one is sure who this man is! He might be a criminal for all they know.

The next day at work, Mi-jeong goes over how mediocre her life is and how nothing is going well. She has no friends, no money and her boss hates her work. Plus, the office people constantly hassle her to join a club. The burden results in her sobbing in the office and telling the employee that it’s exhausting because anything and everything she does feels like work. No one really likes her and it’s exhausting.

While going back home, she goes to meet Gu who is out sitting drinking. Frustrated, she asks him why he drinks. When he tells her that he doesn’t have anything else to do, she tells him to worship her because everyone she comes across is an asshole and maybe this way she’d feel whole. Since he wouldn’t have any work to do when winter comes, his work will be to worship her. Confused, Gu just stares at her.

Final Thoughts: Our Liberation Notes Episode 2

my liberation notes episode 2
Still From My Liberation Notes episode 2

I am very confused about what’s going on in this series. Obviously, it’s a slow burn about the repetitive nature of life and commuting to work every day. However, the series feels a bit directionless sometimes. Although we get to learn a ton about Mi-jeong in this episode and a bit about Gi-jeong, we are yet to see anything get done. It makes the pace sluggish and the extended dialogues, although relatable, can be quite the hurdle to cross.

That being said, I really related to Mi-jeong’s breakdown in the office. I totally got the frustration of not having a life and just losing everything fun and losing out on friendships, relationships and money on the long commute. It’s heartbreaking and can feel like the universe is trying to box you in. The series is doing a good job at bringing the pain of such situations forward but would be nice if it went somewhere with all of these feelings.

But, honestly, hands off to Kim Ji-won for a stellar performance. I just wanted to hug her in her office! Also, what is up with the constant hassle of joining clubs? It’s an office, not a school. What is this obsession with socialising?

My Liberation Notes is streaming on Netflix.

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Although it tries to play without our emotions, My Liberation Notes episode 2 feels similar to the first with its sluggish pacing and somewhat directionless storyline.


  1. With all due respect, the 2nd episode was a lot better than the the pilot. The pacing is not perfect but it has gotten a whole lot better than the 1st episode. There’s more dynamic between the Yeom siblings and there is definitely a direction of the storyline in the 2nd episode. And it’s worth mentioning the talented cast. Please re-watch and don’t forget to highlight the remarkable scenes in the 2nd episode. The storyline is starting to be more coherent. A little bit of good editing and pacing will greatly improve the next episodes.

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Although it tries to play without our emotions, My Liberation Notes episode 2 feels similar to the first with its sluggish pacing and somewhat directionless storyline. My Liberation Notes Episode 2 Recap: Kim Ji-won in an Office Obsessed With Clubs!