MX Player’s Runaway Lugaai Review: Fails to Entertain Us in All Ways

Runaway Lugaai released on 18th May 2021 on MX Player. This Hindi series stars Sanjay Mishra, Naveen Kasturia and Ruhi Singh in pivotal roles and Arya Babbar, Pankaj Jha and Chittaranjan Tripathy in side roles. Apart from them, famous Bihari actor Ravi Kishan also plays an integral part as a cameo in the movie. Runaway Luggai is directed by Anivansh Das and is produced by Aarrav Jindal. Starting with the concept of the story, it is baseless itself. It is dependent on an utterly senseless storyline, right from the beginning itself. 

The Storyline of Runaway Lugaai

The story starts with the newly appointed Judge named Rajnikant of Bhagalpur court, who is said to be one of the most sincere and ideal Judges. He is so dedicated to the work that he solves nearly 12 to 15 cases per day in the first hearing itself. But soon, we come to know that he is only ideal and impartial for cases not related to his father and his political party. His main motto is to solve cases of people under his father’s influence.

The story then proceeds to show the antics of the protagonist’s father, who is a politician and is desperate in seeking a ticket to the elections. He is also shown controlling the protagonist’s entire life and decisions. On the other hand, the lead Bulbul is shown as a fierce, independent and bold girl who wants to become an actress and does not want to be controlled by any other person.

These hints are very evident from the trailer itself. One can even say that the entire story is just an extended version of the trailer. There is nothing new or extraordinary in the script, and the entire 10 episode story, each nearly half an hour, is based on a loosely knit plot. The story takes a turn when Bulbul runs away from her house without informing anyone.

Since she is the wife of a Judge and daughter-in-law of a reputed MLA, the entire administration starts searching for her. Starting from police to the party workers, everyone has just one motto – finding Bulbul. Further in the process of searching the Runaway Lugaai Bulbul, many comic and emotional events occur but fail to give you any emotions. Along with this, the so-called Bulbul’s boyfriend and the Bhojpuri actor have been included to extend the story but fails to grab attention and make the plot more tedious. 

Performances in Runaway Lugaai

Runaway Luggai

After a mind-blowing performance in TVF’s Aspirants, Naveen Kasturia fails to put up a decent performance in Runaway Lugaai, and I think the script and story are to blame for this. He is good in dialogue delivery as well as in screen presence. But his dialect adaptation is inferior and does give us the feel of a Bihari boy. On the other hand, Ruhi Singh is average and has a good screen presence. But she fails in dialogue delivery and acting in particular. 

The silver lining in the darkest of clouds is Sanjay Mishra. He is the only one who stands out in the entire series. He, as usual, does not fail to impress us. He is perfect in everything, right from screen presence to dialogue delivery, acting, and body language; everything is precisely on point. He is the only character in the entire Runaway Lugaai series who keeps us captivated the entire time. The supporting act does pretty well and contributes in a better way than the leads themselves. Ravi Kishan’s cameo is short-lived and does not leave any mark at all. 


Runaway Lugaai

Runaway Lugaai could have been a super hit had the storyline and the script be better. With a predictable plot and repeated turn of events, the good dialogues and comic portions are destroyed. Still, some lines manage to make us laugh. All the dialogues of Papaji or Sanjay Mishra are average, but he manages to pull that because of his talent and experience.

Apart from that, there is nothing that can help this series to be atleast bearable. The direction is average as well. The background score matches the tones of the series and is much better than the other elements. It also fails to deliver a strong message of being independent and bold through Bulbul’s character, which is the most frustrating part here. 

Stream It or Skip It

Skip it! This series has nothing new in particular and fails to entertain the audience. But if you are a fan of the iconic Sanjay Mishra, this series will not disappoint you. So stream it for him, or else save your time and GB.

Runaway Lugaai is now streaming on MX Player.

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Runaway Lugaai has no comedy or social message that makes us cling to it, except for its supporting cast.

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MX Player's Runaway Lugaai Review: Fails to Entertain Us in All WaysRunaway Lugaai has no comedy or social message that makes us cling to it, except for its supporting cast.