MX Players Aashram Review: Godman, Exploitation, Power, and Drugs!

Aashram premiered on 28th August 2020 on MX Player and is directed by Prakash Jha. The series stars Bobby Deol, Aaditi Pohankar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumaar, Anupria Goenka, Adhyayan Summan, Tridha Choudhury, Vikram Kochhar, Tushar Pandey, Sachin Shroff, and Anuritta Jha alongside other cast members.

“Based in the fictional city of Kashipur, is an empire created by a self-proclaimed Godman – Kashipur waale Baba Nirala, who derives his power from the influence he has over the lower strata of the society. He has often stood for them and they consider him to be their Messiah!
A lower-caste
girl Pammi, is drawn into his devotion as he comes to her rescue. The sudden resurfacing of a skeleton in the adjacent forest land disrupts the peace of the city in the crucial times of the upcoming state elections and all the links of the investigation mysteriously point towards one place – THE AASHRAM. Doubts begin to float about Baba Nirala truly being a Messiah!” – MX Player.

The Undying Practice Of Caste Discrimination

Aashram/ Bobby Deol/ MX Player

Aashram starts with highlighting the discriminatory and evil practice which is very much prevalent in various parts of India – caste discrimination and how anyone in search of power or willing to gain more hold on the society can use this vice to their advantage by showing the oppressed a brighter side where everything and everyone is equal.

Bobby Deol as “Kashipur wale Baba Nirala” plays his role with finesse and not even once would you feel that he isn’t the best on-screen saint ever! While his character’s actions are shady enough, his eyes will convince you without even saying a word. Deol captures the essence of Kashipur wale Baba in such a way that there’s no running from his charm.

Meanwhile, Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa, who is Babaji’s sidekick, is a bad guy just like him. He is his right hand and his act is as convincing and real as it gets.


Aashram/ Bobby Deol/ MX Player

The setup of the Aashram, the disciples, and the star cast everything together form a wholesome package. The series is filled with mystery, thrill, and, most importantly, it mirrors society and its vices the way they are.

Prakash Jha as a director has always tried to represent society through his work, with movies such as Gangaajal, Apaharan, Satyagraha, Rajneeti, and more. The series brings forth the dark world of faith and fraud Godman who, under the garb of everything idealistic, hurts people beneath. From murder to drugs and exploitation, there is nothing that can stop them.

The series has its very own strong soundtracks and chants and hymns of Babaji that add to the whole godly yet fraud atmosphere of the Aashram. The series also throws light on the corruption that runs through the veins of bureaucracy, so much so that murders are covered for and pieces of evidence are played with like clay!

Aashram has many layers to it but you won’t find it impossible to make sense of the storyline. The series is drawn in such a way that, till its last episode, it holds on to the suspense but it also does not get frustrating after all the build-up. The series is a slow burn and is intriguing.

Stream It or Skip It

Aashram/ Bobby Deol/ MX Player

STREAM IT! Aashram is one of those series where each and every character and each and every story is drafted in a way that you can’t help but embrace and be a fan of. The cliffhanger the series ends on and the questions it leaves with its viewers have left me eagerly waiting for the next season.

The series is a sharp social commentary where you’ll see social injustice and the game of power and blood turn men into nothing more than vicious beings. Bobby Deol as Babaji and Chandan Roy Sanyal as Bhopa carry the series forward with pace and perfection.

You can stream Aashram for free and you should not miss this one!

Aashram is now streaming on MX Player

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Aashram is one of those series which you'll not want to miss on MX Player. With a star cast that doesn't over act or jeopardize the whole intent of the show and Bobby Deol in an avatar like no other this series is a must watch.

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