Music and its Astonishing Benefits

For me, music is a safety net that saves me in times of need when I’m angry, sad, or even happy. Listening to music helps me focus and channel those emotions into something productive. If I’m angry, I listen to rock and let the anger go; if I’m sad, I listen to deep music that has meaning to me; and if I’m thinking about something that is playing with my thoughts, I put on my favourite rap playlist and figure it out.

Music is universal and appeals to one of our keenest senses and is the reason it has so many underlying benefits. Studies show that listening to music has a number of different benefits and helps people in ways that most wouldn’t even imagine. Researchers all over the world have studied its effect on people and have proved that it helps in controlling stress, influences your mood, and helps you control your thoughts among other things.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits that something as simple as listening to music can have on a person, both mentally and physically.

Helps in Learning

Doctors have said that listening to music is a great way to stimulate the brain and activates certain areas of the brain. Researchers have also shown that the thought of listening to songs as a reward can make people want to learn more. A study conducted in 2019 showed that people were more motivated to learn when promised a song as a reward.

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Researchers also found that students with lower working memory capacities may face certain negative effects if they listen to music while studying and that these students should stay away from it while revising or studying.

Weight Loss

A study has shown that listening to music while eating may promote weight loss. The study has shown that the pace at which people eat slowed down when music was played during the meal. This led to people feeling full faster than usual due to the stomach sending signals to the brain.

Usually, people ate faster than the signal sent to the brain, resulting in overeating. The music slowed down the rate of consumption of food and allowed the signal to reach the brain, thereby preventing one from overeating and making them feel satiated faster.

Improves the mood

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Researchers all over the world have studied the reason behind people listening to music and in the process, have come across a wide variety of diverse people and their experiences. One of the most common reasons that people gave was that it helped them control their emotions and feelings.

Studies have shown that listening to songs can help people feel less anxious and can also help reduce the stress that people feel. Certain songs are connected to pleasant memories, hence resulting in a feeling of happiness or calm in the person. Conversely, certain songs might be associated with turbulent phases of life, so it depends on the choice of tracks as well. Some patterns and rhythms are also said to have a calming effect on the mind.

Exercise and workout

Having music that you can enjoy while exercising is a great way to improve your performance and will definitely make the experience more enjoyable for people who are not so inclined to working out.

Research conducted in 2020 showed that it not only improved overall mood while working out but also helped the body exercise more efficiently and reduced awareness of the exertion felt during and after exercising. The music distracts our mind from the surroundings and the exercise being done which then leads to longer and more fulfilling workouts.

Research also shows that syncing your workout with music allows you to reach your peak faster and by using less oxygen than if you had done the same exercise without the beat. These are some reasons that show how music is not only a fun way to pass time but can also be incorporated into various facets of our daily life.

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