Murumuru Butter: 5 Amazing Skin and Hair Benefits

What is Murumuru butter?

Murumuru butter comes from the Amazonian plant known as Astrocaryum murumuru, a palm tree found in the Brazilian Amazon region. The butter (fat found in the nuts) extracted from the murumuru seeds is creamy, off-white in color, and is a bit softer than cocoa butter. It is rich in fatty acids, oleic acid, vitamin A & C, and possesses inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Treasured for its numerous ‘miracle’ effects, here are 5 skin and hair benefits of murumuru butter-

Murumuru Butter: 5 Amazing Skin and Hair Benefits

Natural skin moisturizer

When it comes to providing moisturizing properties for your skin, Murumuru Butter is your best bet! Murumuru butter is an excellent emollient, having anti-inflammatory abilities that soothe sensitive or irritated skin. It is an excellent healing ingredient used widely in skincare treatments. It also treats skin conditions such as eczema, heals cracked skin, and burns.

It is high in Vitamin A, anti-aging in nature, and also repairs damaged skin. The butter contains Fatty Acids such as Lauric Acid and Myristic Acid, which help restore your skin’s moisture barrier and improve your skin’s hydration. Such high-fat content enables skin tightening and reduces fine lines. For the best results, apply Murumuru butter immediately after bathing when your skin absorbs water best.

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Helps frizzy hair

Being an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, this natural butter deeply nourishes each strand of your hair and scalp. Due to its moisture-retaining ability, murumuru butter has become an approved haircare treatment, with lack of moisture being the main cause of frizzy hair. When hair is dry, the outer layer (cuticle) of the hair gets rough and swells, giving a frizzy look.

Murumuru butter enhances the penetration of moisture in the hair cuticles, locks in the moisture in your hair strands, making them softer, and more hydrated. The high content of oleic acid aids in eliminating frizz and helps you get rid of dry curly hair while repairing split ends as well. The essential oils present in the butter minimize the dry and flaky appearance of the scalp.

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The perfect hair butter, especially for curly hair, it also protects against sun damage, heat, and other harmful chemicals. You can simply apply the butter as a natural ointment to your hair and your scalp for 2–3 minutes in the shower. You can also use it as an overnight leave-in hair mask and wash it off first thing in the morning.

May reduce fine lines and wrinkles

The application of murumuru butter to your skin might help you get a youthful appearance, as it contains healthy fat molecules and nutrients. Murumuru Butter is extremely rich in Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, and an antioxidant. It is popularly known for its anti-aging effects on the skin that also helps protect the skin from damaging Ultraviolet rays. It hydrates the skin and slows the onset of aging (fine lines and wrinkles) keeping your skin supple and bright.


Promotes shiny hair

To prevent lackluster hair, it’s crucial to keep your hair hydrated and free of damage caused due to breakage. Murumuru butter is often added to hair conditioners and shampoos for its enriching moisturization, making your tresses smooth and shiny. It can seal moisture into the hair shaft, keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

Murumuru butter also helps to retain elasticity, giving a boost to natural color. Products enriched with murumuru butter also work well on color-treated and frizzy hair. It keeps your hair hydrated and brings out its natural sheen. Try and experience for yourself the wonders of Murumuru butter for healthy hair!

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Good for sensitive skin

More than 60% of men and women have complained of experiencing some degree of sensitive skin, and most of them are looking for a natural solution. Their symptoms worsen when exposed to certain chemicals and ingredients found in most skincare products. Murumuru Butter naturally helps get rid of the sensitivity, restoring all the skin barriers without causing any further irritation.

Individuals with very sensitive skin have lower levels of lipids in the skin membrane leading to tightness and pain. Since this butter has a richer fat content, using gentle creams and skincare products containing the butter as a primary ingredient can be a good solution to restoring the skin barrier. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and doesn’t clog pores.

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