Mumbai Diaries to Sardar Udham: Offbeat Content to Watch This Diwali!

Binge-watching is one of the most common ways of entertainment and leisure in today’s time. Youngsters are always looking to explore new genres as they demand unique and offbeat content from OTT and content streaming platforms. The increasing demand for new storylines and plots is keeping the content creators on their toes in turn giving their viewers some of the best web series and movies that gets them hooked.

With a number of options available on different platforms, it becomes tiresome to decide which one to binge-watch. From drama, esports to real-life events, this list has all the content for you to binge-watch this Diwali with relatable characters and interesting storylines.

Some Offbeat Content to Watch This Long Weekend!

Squid Game

Korean Netflix series Squid Game has been its biggest hit, watched by 142 million households in its first four weeks. The series, centered on a brutal survival game has gained popularity worldwide through its striking visuals, relatable characters playing childhood games to survive. This should be on your must-watch list of shows if you like survival drama shows.


Clutch is the first-ever esports-based web series created by Dice Media. An underdog team of 4 friends and one coach come together to participate in a major esports tournament. The show will keep you on the edge of your seats as your mind boggles around the life of players and the action that goes around competing for a tough esports tournament. Starring Vishal Vashishtha as the lead, the series showcases the real world of esports in India and encourages youngsters to see the potential in this industry as a viable career. If you are an esports fan, you cannot miss this show, the series is currently streaming on Dice Media’s YouTube channel.

Mumbai Diaries

Mumbai Diaries streaming on Amazon Prime Video is a medical drama set against the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai stars Mohit Raina and Konkana Sen Sharma amongst others. The fictional series takes viewers on an emotional journey set against the backdrop of the terror attacks that swept Mumbai on 26th November 2008. It is centered around the plight of the medical workers in the emergency room of a government hospital during the terror attacks. If you haven’t watched it already it definitely must be on your watch-list this month.

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Cartel is a story of five gangsters who rule Mumbai with their underworld business. The story is led by Raani Maai played by the versatile Supriya Pathak. It highlights how 5 crime lords, based in different areas of the city, carry out their illegal activities. The gangs are power-hungry and the only ones to use their intelligence will rule the underworld of Mumbai. You can find this underworld drama streaming on ALT Balaji.

Rashmi Rocket

Featuring Taapsee Pannu, Rashmi Rocket is a story about an athlete who finally chases her dream to compete professionally, only to realize that the race is full of hurdles. The movie tries to expose the plight of athletes who have to undergo gender testing based on their performance. The contest turns into a fight for respect, honour, and identity. This gripping movie is streaming on Zee 5 and is sure to get you hooked.

Sardar Udham

Based on the true story of the legendary revolutionary of our country, Sardar Udham streaming on Amazon Prime Video has gained rave reviews from critics and audiences. The life journey of the freedom fighter has been portrayed by Vicky Kaushal and shows his struggle to reach his desired goal only to avenge India’s most gruesome tragedy. Many scenes from the movie will send you chills down the spine and are heart-wrenching too.

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