Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: Adorable Snowman

Monsters at Work Episode 7 is called Adorable Snowman. Shane Zalvin has directed the 23-minute episode, which features Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, and John Ratzenberger.

The synopsis for Adorable Snowman reads – Tylor mistakenly allows the banished “Adorable Snowman” to return to Monsters, Inc.

– Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap contains spoilers –

In Monsters at Work Episode 7, Adorable Snowman, everyone in Monstropolis feels the heat as the temperature rises. Using the drooler coolers and fans, the MIFT team is trying to keep themselves cool. When Mike enters the laugh floor, he is informed that the laugh power is going down due to the heat. To keep the laugh floor going on, they need more Jokester.

Mike gathers his Comedy Class students and tells them that they must prove their worth as Jokesters. Tylor is one of the students, and he is adamant not to waste the opportunity. However, he gets called for MIFT repair duties with Val, but he assures the others that he will be back shortly. While fixing the power, Tylor gets impatient, and a strong force pushes him inside a vast door referred to as the ‘Banishment Door’.

Monsters at Work Episode 7 still
Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: Still from the series

Tylor finds himself in the ‘Banish Cave,’ where Monsters Inc.’s banished monsters are sent. Inside the cave, he meets Adorable Returns, who is delighted to have company after a long time finally. When Tylor sees Adorable Snowman, he is horrified and addresses him ‘Abominable.’ We learn that Adorable Snowman has been the subject of numerous terrifying rumours, leading to his detention in the banish cave. In Monsters at Work Episode 7, Adorable tells Tylor that Mike and Sulley were also once sent to the cave but they managed to get out.

Val arrives at the cave after Tylor and is scared to see Adorable Snowman. But his friendly nature melts her heart, and she decides to save him, but Tylor refuses. When the duo gets out of the cave, Adorable Snowman follows them. To save themselves from getting caught, Tylor tells everyone that the monster is his father. The funny thing is we also get to see Tylor’s birth father in today’s episode. 

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After some research, Val finds out that former Monsters Inc. CEO Waternoose had banished Adorable Snowman as the monster read his letter about Scream Extractor for kids. Everyone feels sad for Adorable Snowman. Sulley says that as the new CEO, he un-banishes Adorable Snowman, and everyone is happy again.

In today’s Monsters at Work Episode 7 end credit scenes of Mike’s Comedy Class, the one-eyed green monster tries to tell us what a punch line is. Sadly, he gets punched hard while trying to make a point.

Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: What’s next?

Like Abominable, today’s episode was adorable. It’s nice to see the writers take a break from the Duncan-MIFT-Tyler storyline and bringing back another fan-favourite monster. Will he be a better Jokester than Tylor? Let’s see what twist Adorable Snowman brings in the story.

Monsters at Work Episode 7 is now streaming on Disney+.

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Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: Titled Adorable Returns, Tylor yet again does something which results in the release of a banished monster.

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Monsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: Adorable SnowmanMonsters at Work Episode 7 Recap: Titled Adorable Returns, Tylor yet again does something which results in the release of a banished monster.