Money Heist: ‘Tribute to Tokyo’ Leaves Úrsula Corberó In Tears

Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1, aka La Casa de Papel Parte 5 released a few days ago. The season before the finale season had lots of action, tension, bloodshed, emotional moments and death. Úrsula Corberó’s Tokyo, one of the most popular and powerful character’s death has shattered many fans.

During the last episode, inside the Bank of Spain, the army overpowers Professor’s gang. Tokyo sacrifices herself to save the remaining gang members and dies a painful death. Úrsula Corberó’s character gets shot multiple times, and when Gandia and his men are about to catch her, she sets the room ablaze with grenades, killing all of them.

In Money Heist Season 4, the makers killed everyone’s favourite Nairobi, played by Alba Flores. Fans assumed that since Tokyo is narrating the story, she would be the only one alive in the end. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth, as she’s dead before the finale. To honour her sacrifice, Netflix has shared a video called ‘Tribute to Tokyo’.

In the video, some artists dressed in a red jumpsuit, wearing Salvador Dalí masks paint a huge picture of Tokyo on a building terrace. There’s a slow version of ‘Bella Ciao’ playing, which gives a chilling effect to the video. From the surroundings of the building, it looks like the makers have paid tribute to Corberó’s character in Tokyo.

“Tokyo, always in our heart. ❤️”, wrote Netflix India. In the comments section, one La Casa de Papel fan wrote, “Dear Tokyo, you taught us what is meant to be a genuine friend and a true partisan. We will miss you.”. Another commented, “That’s the best tribute ever I was literally crying after watching this”.

The actor herself shared the video on her Instagram page. She thanked Netflix and shared a crying emoji, ‘Gracias 😭🇯🇵💎’.

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Watch Netflix’s Money Heist Tribute To Tokyo’ Video below:

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