Mithya Review: Huma Qureshi and Avantika Dassani are Stellar in this Compelling Thriller!

Mithya, a Zee5 thriller series, is now streaming. Created by Goldie Behl and Priya Jhavar, the screenplay is by Althea Kaushal and Avita Dutt, and Rohan Sippy directed the show. Purva Naresh has penned the dialogues. The series stars Huma Qureshi as Juhi, Avantika Dassani as Rhea, Parambrata Chatterjee as Neil, Rajit Kapur as Anand, Samir Soni as Rajguru, Indraneil Sengupta as Vishal, and others. There are 6 episodes of 35 minutes each.

The show is produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Rose Audio Visual Production. The synopsis reads, “A tale of two women who are at odds with each other over allegations of plagiarism, which sparks a series of hostilities and shocking revelations spun around a murder for which they both are suspects.”

Zee5’s Mithya Review Contains No Spoilers

Plot Summary: Juhi, a professor of Hindi literature at a university, accuses her student Rhea Rajguru of plagiarising. What starts as a conflict and academic accusations slowly turns into a disastrous chain of events. Mithya takes a dark turn as Juhi and Rhea fight in a head-to-head psychological battle. There’s a shocking death that changes everything for the two.

The opening scene of Zee5’s Mithya is in black and white, where Juhi and Rhea are talking face to face. They have some serious conversation, a war of words. Suddenly, the narrative shifts back to the past, where we see what happened between the two. We see the tragedy that led to this conversation by the end of the episode. This non-linear narrative format is followed throughout the series. It works in the show’s favor to keep you engrossed till the end.

Huma Qureshi’s Professor Juhi is the daughter of a renowned English Professor, Anand. But Juhi wants to prove that she’s here because of her skills and loves teaching Hindi. She’s fierce, knows her job well, and can’t stand lies regarding studies. So it’s natural that Rhea Rajguru, a trustee’s daughter, and her attitude will bother her. Juhi wants to teach Rhea integrity and how she cannot get everything easily because of her father.

Mithya Still 1

Juhi’s one accusation opens the bitter and dark side of Avantika Dassani’s Rhea. She’s vicious (or always has been) and often warns Juhi of her actions. When Juhi doesn’t back down, Rhea takes wicked steps to deal with the matter. From a school-student conflict, Mithya on Zee5 becomes a suspenseful crime thriller. In no time, Rhea’s actions have a major impact on Juhi’s professional and personal life.

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Along with the execution, screenplay, and story, the writing on these two leading ladies makes the show compelling. Both Juhi and Rhea are rigid and strong-headed women, yet they are distinct in their approach to troubles. One has to be mindful of their actions, and the other has no care in the world. Watching Huma and Avantika in scenes with rage in their eyes, calmness in their voice, and hard-hitting words coming out of their mouth was intense. Mithya show on Zee5 takes time to develop the story, but it never bores you.

Huma Qureshi’s performance as Juhi is good, especially in scenes where she’s furious but can’t react irrationally as she’s a professor. Huma effortlessly shows us Juhi’s different personalities as a professor and a wife. Avantika Dassani is impressive in every scene and quite a smart rival to Juhi. Rhea’s manipulation and gaslighting skills are great, and Avantika has done an incredible job.

Mithya Still 2

Mithya Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Mithya on Zee5 is worth your time. It is packed with great performances, suspense, and an engaging screenplay. The ensemble also plays their part well and add more depth to the story.

Watch the show here.

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Mithya Review: Zee5's latest show is intriguing, packed with great characters and mystery.

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Mithya Review: Zee5's latest show is intriguing, packed with great characters and mystery.Mithya Review: Huma Qureshi and Avantika Dassani are Stellar in this Compelling Thriller!