Mine Ending Explanation: Netflix’s Mine Finale Discussion

Mine ended on June 27, 2021. The drama mystery Korean series is directed by Lee Na-Jeong and written by Baek Mi-kyeong and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-hyeong, Hak-Yeon Cha, Ja-Yeon Ok and Jung Yi-seo, alongside other cast members.

The series has always been a rollercoaster, especially the episodes in the middle – those were every bit as thrilling and interesting, growing the tension till it reached its last two episodes. That being said, if you’re confused regarding the finale, check out the Mine ending explanation to get things into perspective. Needless to say, this article contains Mine episode 16 spoilers.

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The backstory

Ji-yong, the youngest son of the Han family, is dead. There are several suspects according to the detective, but he cannot prove any of it. The family is adamant that Ji-yong committed suicide, which the detective finds highly unlikely since he fell from a low bannister inside the home. Ji-yong’s wife, Hi-soo, has lost her memory, having tumbled over with her husband. Seo-hyun, the older daughter-in-law of the family is every step of the way with her sister-in-law.

Mine episodes 15 and 16 hints heavily at the fact that Ji-yong was murdered, and a lot of people have a good reason to kill him – he wasn’t known for being the best of people. So, how did the fateful night go down? Was Ji-yong really murdered?

Mine ending explanation:

Mine episode 16
Mine Ending Explanation: Netflix’s Mine Finale Discussion 7

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Well, yes, Ji-yong was murdered. Let’s break it down then, shall we?

On the night of the Soo-hyuk’s engagement with Yu-yeon, Seong-tae calls Ji-yong to his father’s bunker on the pretext that Jin-ho is calling him. Of course, that’s a ploy. Once inside, Seong-tae closes the bunker door, leaving Ji-yong inside. He then uses the oxygen pipes of the house to send poisonous gas into the bunker, essentially choking Ji-yong. As he chokes, he desperately calls Hi-soo, who has sent him a text with an incriminating video. Hi-soo rushes to find him, sensing he is in danger. Meanwhile, Seong-tae feels guilty and stops the gas flow. He then rushes to Ji-yong’s aid and opens the doors for him.

Gasping, Ji-yong comes out of the room and finds Hi-soo in his path in Mine episode 16. He thinks that she hatched the plan and tries to strangle her with his hands over the bannister. Ji-yong screams that he won’t go down that easy, and Seo-hyun hears this from her office. As Hi-soo is about to pass out, Min-su comes up from behind Ji-yong and hits him over the head with a fire extinguisher. He, along with Hi-soo, go over the bannister and fall on the floor below. While Hi-soo hurts her ribs, Ji-yong hits his head on a sharp edge below and bleeds to death.

Meanwhile, Seo-hyun arrives and finds the scene below her. Min-su has run away by then, having left the extinguisher at the scene of the crime. Seo-hyun helps Hi-soo and takes her through the secret doors to the hospital. But, not before hiding the fire extinguisher. Mother Emma is also at the spot by then and sees both Hi-soo and Seo-hyun at the top of the stairs in two different instances. Seo-hyun then instructs Min-su and Seong-tae to clean up the mess.

Mine episode 16
Mine Ending Explanation: Netflix’s Mine Finale Discussion 8

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So, basically, Seong-tae was the person who should’ve killed Ji-yong with the poison. However, all that goes down the drain when he is overcome with guilt and lets him out. That is proven when Min-su later asks him why he didn’t just let him die in the bunker. Thus, they both knew of this plan.

Additionally, Hi-soo never lost her memory. She only pretended to do so to protect Ha-joon, so that he doesn’t know that his father tried to kill his mother. She didn’t want Ha-joon to go through another difficult revelation and more heartbreak, along with losing him.

Who has the blue diamond?

Another bone of contention since Mine episode 1 was the blue diamond. So, Seong-tae had the blue diamond the day before trying to kill Ji-yong. However, Min-su takes it from him later because it was she who killed him. When she later tells Seo-hyun while trying to get away from Hyowon of the incidents of the night, the former tells her that she should leave the diamond behind if she wants to not get entangled with the murder. So, in the end, Min-su leaves the diamond with Suk-chul who eventually gives it to Yang Soon-hye.

And yes, in the end, Hi-soo’s new project is Mine, the show we were watching. So, it’s a series inside a series, I guess.

Mine episode 16
Mine Ending Explanation: Netflix’s Mine Finale Discussion 9

I think the series has done a commendable job of keeping its cards close to its chest till the last minute. There was a lot of family drama and conflict that I feel were satisfactorily dealt with. Things that were shown were not out of the realm of possibility and the show was high on the thrill factor. Mine episode 16 in itself was quite a fun and thrilling watch and I didn’t expect Min-su to be the one who landed the final blow.

So, what did you think of Mine? If you think we missed out on anything in the Mine ending explanation and Mine finale discussion, then leave a comment below! Also, tell us whose character you liked the most in the show!

Mine is streaming on Netflix.

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