Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Review: What’s Lurking In The Shadows?

Word of advice- Don’t watch Mieruko Chan Episode 4 in the night or alone. While the series is very funny, the scary moments can catch you off guard and make you stay awake at night due to how unnerved you are. Let’s see how the episode did in this review!

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Overview

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 title

Mieruko-Chan is a comedy, horror, and supernatural anime that has received an anime adaptation as part of the Fall Anime 2021 anime season. The studio behind it is Studio Passione, which has had its hand in various horror and comedy anime in the past, including Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and High School DxD. It is an adaptation of a very popular manga series of the same name written by Tomoki Izumi.

It is being directed by Yuuki Ogawa, who has prior experience directing Ishizoku Reviewers for Studio Passione. She has also directed episodes in FLCL progressive and Miru Tights. The episode is also stylised as Mieruko-chan Episode 4. If you would like to check out our review of the third episode, you can do so right here!

– Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Review does not contain spoilers –

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Review- Plot and Characters

Miko Brother Mieruko Chan Episode 4

It must be really hard to be Miko. Your life wasn’t too good to begin with, and now all of a sudden, you’re seeing ghosts all over the place. It wouldn’t have been a problem if there weren’t this many of them moving around everywhere, from your house to your school and everywhere else you step foot inside. Worst of all, you can’t react to any of their presence because who knows what they might do to you if you did.

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Now, just because you have a great concept to build upon and a fantastic main character, it doesn’t mean that you can leave her be in that world and call that an anime. Mieruko Chan Episode 4 was another in the same line of episodes where Miko just goes around and finds ghosts in unexpected places. An overarching narrative is what the show needs right now, or it risks getting stale and losing all the interest it has built so far.

Miko Dating Mieruko Chan Episode 4

That’s not to say that Mieruko-Chan’s latest outing was bad, not at all. I loved this episode just as much as I loved all the others, especially because of a particular scene at the end of the episode. To say any more about it would mean spoiling it, and I wouldn’t want to do that to everyone. Go out of your way to watch this episode, if only for that one moment. That should be enough to tell you that Mieruko Chan isn’t like your run of the mill comedy or horror.

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However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the fanservice in Mieruko Chan Episode 4. Miko is a high schooler, and hence it is a little disconcerting when the show portrays her in the manner it does. I’m no prude, and these things are very common in anime, as any fan would know. But still, it would feel like I was ignoring the issue if I didn’t at least speak up about it a little. I don’t enjoy those sections of the show particularly, but I get why they are there.

Miko Dad Parents Mieruko Chan Episode 4

Mieruko’s brother played a big part in this episode, and his and Miko’s relationship is sweet if somewhat suspect. Yotsuya is fiercely protective of his sister, even if he can’t see what is bothering her. Miko’s household has a very intriguing family dynamic, bolstered by the ending of Mieruko Chan Episode 4. I seriously can not recommend it enough.

So far, Mieruko-Chan has been a collection of standalone outings that wouldn’t have looked out of place had they been arranged in any other manner. However, the preview hinted at a new character joining the show, which makes me hopeful for more of a narrative to the show next time around. I want to learn more about this world, and I hope that the show tells us how everything came to be.

Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Review- Art and Music

Miko is voiced by the supremely talented Sora Amamiya, who you probably know as the voice of Aqua in Konosuba, or Chizuru in Rent-a-Girlfriend. She gives Miko a certain edge in her lines while keeping her a very relatable high schooler. Other voice actors in the series also do a great job, but she stands out the most as the show’s main character. Other parts of this episode weren’t any better or worse than the previous episodes, including the animation and music.


Mieruko Chan Episode 4 was decent on its own, but it featured a fantastic ending that raised its profile and prevented this episode from seeming similar to the show’s earlier outings.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 4 was decent on its own, but it featured a fantastic ending that raised its profile and prevented this episode from seeming similar to the show's earlier outings.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 4 was decent on its own, but it featured a fantastic ending that raised its profile and prevented this episode from seeming similar to the show's earlier outings.Mieruko Chan Episode 4 Review: What's Lurking In The Shadows?