Meghan Trainor on Getting Panic Attack on Live TV, “Felt Like I’ll Pass Out”

‘All About That Bass’ hitmaker Meghan Trainor might seem like she has everything figured out but, even the brightest stars have their darkest days. The singer has opened up about her mental health struggles, saying that she suffered her first panic attack live on television.

The singer was on ‘CBS This Morning’ with Gayle King ahead of announcing the 2017 Grammy nominees when she started “vibrating” and felt she was “dying”, reports

Meghan Trainor’s Panic Attack During The Grammys

Trainor said: “I was announcing the nominees, and I was vibrating. I felt like I was going to pass out on live television. I was like, ‘What’s happening? I must be dying. As soon as they said ‘Cut,’ I went offstage and was [gasping for air] in front of everyone.”

Meghan – who welcomed her first child, son Riley, into the world in February – has praised TV presenter Gayle for helping her in the scary situation.

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She said: “Gayle was my email buddy after that and always checked in on me. I was so embarrassed and apologised, but she made everything so much better for me. She’s an angel on this earth.”

Meghan Trainor was later diagnosed with panic disorder.

She told “Some nights I remember I ate a bunch of food, then I got scared, and I was like, ‘I need to go to the emergency room because I’m allergic to what I just ate.’

“The doctor came in, looked really sad, and was like, ‘Have you ever heard of a panic attack?’ I was like, ‘No, no, no, I’m having an allergic reaction. If you just look in the back of my throat, it’s closing.’ That was my first lesson on what a panic attack can do to you.”

Last year, the ‘Dear Future Husband’ crooner said that she was using music to “help with (her) mental health”, during the early stages of the pandemic.

As of now, Meghan Trainor has started a podcast with Ryan Trainor titled “Workin’ On It” and it has weekly episodes coming out which you can check out, here!

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