MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 Recap: Beat the Pressure or Say Goodbye

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 brings in the first pressure test of the season. According to the judgement in the last episode, Julie and Alvin from the Favourites and, Max and Dulan from the Fans made it to the bottom four making them direct participants of the pressure test. The episode is also going to result in elimination by the end.

The seventh episode of MasterChef Australia Season 14 is titled ‘Zumbo Pressure Test Challenge’. Just as the title goes, one of the toughest chefs to present challenges in the MasterChef kitchen, Adriano Zumbo is the one in charge of this particular test. The contestants participating in the day’s challenge are thrilled, nervous and scared to be at the receiving at the Zumbo test above all. The episode is 50 minutes long.

– MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers –

Adriano Zumbo introduces the dish the contestants are set to replicate- the Polly wanna waffle. As the name goes, the dish is inspired by a Polly parrot and waffles and, looks like a parrot sitting on top of waffles. However, the catch is that the entire thing is made of chocolate and, other sweet-adjacent ingredients, starting from the parrot to the waffles. Along with the generous use of chocolate, the dish also contains marshmallows, jam and ingredients. Zumbo explains the dish and its preparation in detail which include a general admin along with how the chocolate needs to be tempered and the balance that the dish should maintain.

After Zumbo breaks down the pressure points, the rules of the challenge are announced. The contestants will be given four and a half hours to recreate the masterpiece of a dish. Along with the extravagant time, Jock also states that Zumbo has already made the feathers for Polly in the dish, which turns out to be a relief for all the participants. With the entire recipe present on their respective kitchen counter, the time to cook finally begins.

Everyone starts with tempering their chocolate, trying to bring it down to 29 degrees to put it in the waffle moulds. Max and Julie are the first ones to get it right. Alvin freaks out as his temperature does not go down and, has a moment of panic before he pulls himself up and, gets the chocolate done. Dulan remains behind in the competition as he keeps temperating his chocolate. The contestants next move on to making the berry jam for the dish. Julie finishes her jam but, later realises she hasn’t put pectin in the jam, which is an essential ingredient. Julie has to then remake the jam.

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With two hours left in hand, Alvin goes on to make the caramelized passion fruit jam. Max goes on to make the body for Polly and, then the marshmallows. Julie finishes her waffles and, so does Alvin. Max is past this stage and, Dulan is about to start his. Dulan’s marshmallow is too thick and, everyone thinks that would make his dish not the best out of the lot as pressure test dishes need to be perfect. Even the judges talk to Dulan about getting his layers perfect.

Julie’s waffles come out perfectly out of the moulds which bring her relief. Max’s waffles are perfect too and, so are Alvin’s (although his negative thoughts get him at first and, he has a hard time during this segment). Everyone moves to coat Polly’s body and, do the plating, making the dish come alive. Julie’s wings fall off Polly’s body when she is almost halfway through. However, she keeps going. Everyone has their own share of difficulties while constructing Polly’s body but, it is over soon as time runs out.

The tasting happens without the contestants in front. Julie is the first one to bring in her dish, which the judges love right away, both taste and look wise. Next up is Max’s dish which is a good crack, except for the marshmallow according to the judges. Dulan’s dish, which is next, is filled with rough layers which ruin the balance. Alvin’s dish is the last one up and, the judges have positive feedback about the dish, though they feel that Alvin needs to believe in himself more.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7: Who Stays and Who Goes Home?

Julie and Alvin, who belong to the Favourites team, are both declared safe first. Max from the Fans is also marked safe. So, it comes down to Dulan and, the flaws in his dish that sends him home.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7: Final Thoughts

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 really did take it up a notch from the last few episodes. The pressure of the pressure test was so real and, the dish to replicate was so beautiful that it sure must have had viewers at the edge of their seats. Alvin’s moment of panic is surely something that needs to be noted as the amount of pressure comes from regret and not being good enough. It is relatable and real. Hopefully, he will understand in the future episodes that he is capable of so many wonderful things.

You watch MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 7 was all about 'Polly Pressure'.

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