MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 Recap: May the ‘Time’ Be With You

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 is an elimination challenge titled ‘Time Elimination Challenge’. With Ali winning the immunity in MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 19, she is marked safe from this tense challenge. We also get to know that Tommy will be sitting out of this elimination as he isn’t well. However, he will have to compete in the upcoming elimination challenge to secure his place in the MasterChef kitchen.

The runtime of this episode is 1 hour and 15 minutes. With 8 members from the Fans and, 9 members from the Favourites, the judges ask the latter team to decide on one contestant who will be sitting out of the elimination challenge. The Favourites take a decision and it is Aldo who will not compete in the first round to make his team safe.

– MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 Recap Contains Mild Spoilers –

The judges lay down the groundwork that this elimination challenge in MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 will consist of two rounds. We get to know that the first round will consist of 10 minutes and, the cooks need to put forward the tastiest dish up their sleeves. The team from which the best 10-minute dish belongs will be safe from the next round. The frantic energy just makes you wonder will anyone be able to impress the judges.

Melanie’s Tofu and Sara’s Bhel Puri are the top two dishes in the first round. However, there can be only one winner and, it is Melanie who saves her team with her perfect ‘yummy’ sauce. This implies that the Fans are safe and, the Favourites move to the second round, from which one contestant will be seen leaving. The second round is unique as it is the first time in the MasterChef kitchen where becomes the cooks’ helping hand as the challenge will take place over two days.

The contestants are asked to prepare their elements on day 1 within the span of 45 minutes. On day 2, they will be given 60 minutes to finish it up and present their final dish. Micheal, who has an immunity pin is allowed to use it at any point in time during the challenge to walk out of the elimination round. Micheal uses the pin on the next day of the challenge.

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After some intense hours, well days, in the kitchen, the contestants finally serve their best to the judges. Julie is the first one to bring her dish in and she serves a Moroccan Lamb Shoulder with Labneh and Jewelled Couscous. The judges immediately love the grand dish. Aldo is up next and puts forward his emotionally heavy dish- Octopus with Octopus Broth which is received fantastically by the judges. Minoli brings to the table a Pork Belly Curry with Chana Dal Curry and Chilli Pineapple which shines brightly in the judges’ taste pallatte. Billie’s dish is a Confit Duck Leg with a Smoked Potato Puree and Braised Cabbage which hits the judges as very top-notch French cuisine.

A Fermented Tofu and Soy Braised Pork with Marbled Tea soaked Eggs and some pickled vegetables is Alvin’s dish which receives niceties from the judges. As for Sarah, she presents the judges with Goan Pork Vindaloo which is termed a great dish. Mindy puts forward a Chicken and Duck Dumpling with Peking Broth, which isn’t by far the best as the dumplings aren’t blanched enough, although the broth is impeccable. Sashi is the last one to present his dish which is an Overnight Fish Curry with Dosa and Coconut Chutney. However, it is a dish one wouldn’t want to put forward on an elimination day as the curry is burnt, although the dosa and the fish are beautifully cooked.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20: Who Gets Eliminated?

The results are soon announced. Mindy and Sashi are in the bottom two for their undercooked and overcooked dishes, respectively. Sashi is the one who gets eliminated by the ending and it is a shocking and heartbreaking thing for the audience as well as the judges and contestants.

On his leave, Sashi posted an emotional post on Instagram writing, “My time in S14 has come to an end but my journey in the culinary world continues. Had a great time coming back into the MasterChef kitchen, it always brings the best out of you. I came back to push myself and challenge my creativity. Thanks to the MasterChef team for giving me the chance to cook again in this amazing kitchen and the chance to meet some amazing people (Faves &Fans).”

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20: Final Thoughts

Well, one can say that this episode of MasterChef Australia Season 14 was rocked with an emotional outbreak. Be it Aldo confessing about cutting ties with his father or Sashi’s journey and him bidding goodbye, it will be an episode to remember. Also because the cooks put forward their quick-witted dishes and their heavy, grand cuisines both in this one.

You can watch MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 now on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Look at time play the trick in MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20.

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MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20 Recap: May the 'Time' Be With YouLook at time play the trick in MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 20.