MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52 Review: Indigenous Ingredients

It’s the second day at the Northern Territory, this time at Simpsons Gap. MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52 is called the Simpsons Gap Elimination Challenge. The Orange team lost the challenge in the previous episode that sent Depinder, Kishwar, Tommy and Pete in elimination. After the challenge, one of them will bid goodbye to the competition.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo invite Rayleen Brown, an indigenous cook. Brown brings along several indigenous ingredients which the contestants have to use for the Elimination Challenge. The judges inform the four cooks that they will have to incorporate one or more of these bush ingredients in their 75 minutes cook. The pantry is open, and whoever cooks the least impressive dish win get eliminated.

For MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52’s Elimination Challenge, Pete cooks Grilled Kangaroo with Sauteed Warrigal and Quandong Sauce. During the cook, Pete appeared calm and in control of his recipe. He talked about experimenting during the elimination rounds but hopes for the best results.

Tommy decides to make Kangaroo Tartare inspired by a Vietnamese dish. Throughout the cook, he is nervous about whether the flavours of indigenous ingredients will be balanced or not. He gets worried but decides to go on for his son and to make it till the tail end of the competition. His final dish is Kangaroo Tartare with Bush Tomato Sauce and Wattleseed Lavosh.

For MasterChef Australia Season 13’s another exciting episode, Kishwar gives a native twist by mixing it with known flavours. She cooks Saltbush Hariali Chicken, Wattleseed Flatbread and Quandong & Bush Tomato Chutney. Depinder decides to step out of her comfort zone and cooks Tomato Salad with Tomato Gazpacho and Warrigal Greens Damper. The judges are excited as well as a bit worried about her dish.

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When the judges and Rayleen Brown taste all the four dishes of MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52, they find three dishes celebrating the indigenous ingredients. Those three dishes belong to Pete, Kishwar and Tommy. Depinder serves a delicious platter too. However, her dish doesn’t highlight the bush ingredients the way it was expected to. Unfortunately, she gets eliminated from the show.

It’s an emotional goodbye as Depinder has back-to-back given mouthwatering dishes. But she’s excited to start her new journey with food after MasterChef Australia Season 13. On her Instagram, she has shared, “And….what an incredible journey 🥰 Even though my time on MasterChef has sadly come to an end, this isn’t the end of my food journey. In fact it’s the beginning of my food dream ❤️ #masterchefau“.

The Top 7 contestants are Elise, Justin, Kishwar, Linda, Sabina, Pete and Tommy.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52: What’s next?

In the next episode, the contestants will have an Everything Box Challenge. To secure the place in the Finals Week, whoever cooks the best dish will be a part of the Immunity Challenge.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 52 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Depinder, Kishwar, Pete and Tommy have to highlight the indigenous ingredients in their dish.

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