MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28 Review: Take Away The Luxury

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28 was another interesting Mystery Box Challenge. The contestants are always excited to see what ingredients they will get to cook a delicious dish. But judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo surprise them with no ingredients this time. Instead, they find 11 household kitchen utensils under the box. So the contestants have to cook a dish by only using those limited utensils.

The MasterChef Australia contestants have mixed reactions to the latest Mystery Box twist. Called the ‘Utensil Box Challenge’, some cooks talk about getting used to luxury cooking items in the kitchen. The judges inform the cooks that they can make either a sweet or savoury dish in 75 minutes. The best five contestants will be going in the Immunity Challenge.

When the contestants enter the MasterChef pantry, they talk about what they plan to cook that will not require lots of utensils and will be tasty. Justin, who got highly confused during the team relay elimination challenge, is unsure even this time. He picks up quail and some other ingredients and hopes to bring a dish together at the end of the cook.

As the clock keeps ticking in MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28, some contestants are happy with their cook while some are worried if they will succeed or not. Kishwar decides to cook a homely feast for the judges- Khichuri, Maach Bhaja (Pan Seared Spiced Bream), Begun Bhorta (Smoked Eggplant) and Niramish (Bengali 5 Spiced Vegetables). Pete cooks Lamb + Turnip. Initially, he faces some difficulty with the round shape of the turnip chips. But he wastes no time and decides to serve half-cut chips.

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Brent is excited to serve his Pan-fried snapper with a sweet and sour sauce and some greens. Linda is calm while she prepares her Pun Seen Nam Jeow with Omelette. During the last 10 minutes of the cook, she tries to make noodles but fails. However, the contestant doesn’t give up and decides to serve her dish with an omelette as it also enhances the flavours. When Jock and Andy ask Justin what’s his dish, he is still not sure and says ‘quail’. At that moment you wonder if Justin is taking the competition seriously or not.

Elise gets Jock excited by saying that she is going to make Melanzana with Gremolata. Dan cooks octopus with cucumber salad and is thrilled about the cook as his husband doesn’t allow him to make this at home. Sabina and Tommy also serve tasty Mussels and Bánh Xèo dishes, respectively. When the time is up, we see some happy face in MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28’s Mystery Box Challenge.

When the MasterChef Australia judges taste the food, they like seven dishes made by Kishwar, Pete, Linda, Dan, Elise, Tommy and Sabina. Jock gives Justin a reality check for messing up his cook repeatedly as he serves the least impressive dish. Another dish that leaves the judges disappointed is cooked by Brent. Finally, they come to a conclusion and reveal that Kishwar, Pete, Linda, Dan, and Elise’s dishes were the best, and they will battle out in the Immunity Challenge.

Today’s episode reflected how much the contestants have changed since they became a part of the show. Simplicity isn’t easy, and when these cooks are given something easy, they always get nervous.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28: What’s next?

In the Immunity Challenge, these 5 MasterChef Australia contestants have to cook a beautiful dish using some of the world’s hottest chillis.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 28 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The contestants have to cook up something great using some very limited kitchen utensils.
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