MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24 Review: It’s All About The Colour

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24 was the last one of the Service Brigade Immunity Challenge. The remaining contestants consisting of Sabina, Justin, Amir and Pete formed the Turquoise team. The contestants will have to compete against the professional chefs from Stokehouse restaurant, lead by Jason Staudt. If the cooks win the challenge, they will be safe from Sunday’s elimination episode.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo inform both the teams that they have to cook a 3-meal course and get two and a half hours to complete the entree, followed by the main dish and the dessert. The twist in the episode was the colour of the dish. Each dish should have one specific colour and should be tasty. The team that hits the brief correctly wins the challenge.

The Turquoise team chose the colour green for dessert; chef Jason Staudt and his team chose red for the entree and yellow for the main dish. The MasterChef contestants had so many options when it came to making a green dessert. But guess what they decided to make? A cucumber ice cream! Ugh, another disappointing choice made by the cooks here.

Let’s talk about the entree by Sabina and her team in MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24. She and Justin decided to serve two prawns with a red sauce. When Jock looks at their dish, he’s shocked to see how the cooks are convinced that their orange dish is red. He then compares their prawns’ sauce with a carrot and tomato and proves their dish looks orange. Justin decides to add tomato puree to his sauce to make it redder. Judges loved their dish and said that the contestants have the brief.

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Even the Stokehouse chefs are struggling with making their beef tartare look red. They add red pepper sauce and even some red herbs to not lose out to the cooks. Andy, Mel and Jock find their entree super tasty and even red. But they believe that the Turquoise team’s prawns and the red sauce looked redder than the chef’s dish. So round one goes to MasterChef Australia Season 13 cooks.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24 Review: Turquoise team's entree dish
MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24 Review: Turquoise team’s entree

For the main dish, both the teams decide to cook fish as it would be easy to make it appear yellow. The Stokehouse chefs, known for their seafood, cook Blue eye cod, saffron vichyssoise and pickled squash. The judges can’t stop raving about the dish’s presentation, taste and how the chefs have knocked it out of the park with the colour too. On the other hand, the MasterChef cooks serve poached turmeric fish with corn puree and some corn at the side. In terms of colour, they get right, but the judges find their puree underwhelming.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24: Stokehouse chefs' main dish
Main dish by Stokehouse chefs: MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24

It is now time for the dessert. The Stokehouse chefs serve elegant looking pistachio and white chocolate mousse dome with desert lime gel and apple and tarragon sorbet. As I mentioned above, the Turquoise team serves cucumber ice cream with pickled cucumber, yoghurt cream and cucumber tea. The Masterchef Australia cooks were having a hard time to rocher their cucumber ice cream. The Stokehouse chefs help them in plating their desserts. Both the dishes look green.

The judges are not impressed with the Turquoise team’s dessert because the cucumber tea melts the yoghurt cream making the plate messy. It also affects how the overall dish tastes. On the other hand, they enjoy the chefs’ desserts which have some minor flaws too. The result is in the Stokehouse chefs’ flavour as their mousse dessert was better than the cucumber dessert by Masterchef contestants. Well, I’m not surprised. By losing the main and dessert rounds to Stokehouse, Sabina, Pete, Amir, and Justin end up in the upcoming elimination episode.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24: What’s next?

Eight contestants will face the elimination challenge – Sabina, Pete, Justin, Aamir, Tommy, Jess, Dan and Scott. Unfortunately, one of them will have to kiss goodbye to MasterChef Australia Season 13.

MasterChef Australia Season 13 Episode 24 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Tuquoise team faces off against the Stokehouse chefs to create something red, yellow and green. But only one makes it out alive!
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