Maldivas Review: Bruna Marquezine Starrer is Posh, Quirky and Comical

Maldivas is a television series released on Netflix on June 15 as a seven-episode series with a runtime of approximately 30-40 minutes each. Created by Natalia Klein, the series stars Bruna Marquezine, Natalia Klein, Carol Castro, Klebber Toledo and Manu Gavassi.

– Maldivas Review doesn’t contain any spoilers –

Maldivas Does Give Off the Desperate Housewives Vibe

Although Maldivas plot might seem a bit slow initially, things start getting interesting quickly. With all these characters in the plot, it wouldn’t take much for a TV show to get boring – but not Maldivas! You can’t help but wonder how these women’s stories will intertwine before they meet again. In addition to a fantastic plot, this TV show is full of celebrities: Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi are just two of them, mixing drama with reality in their appearances in this hit series.


The series has a very good plot, but it’s also (sometimes) slow-paced and its dialogues lacklustre. However, the story of a woman returning from her mother’s death to solve the mystery around it makes Maldivas worth watching.

As you watch the first episode, an intriguing storyline immediately draws you in. Suspense builds up plot after plot, and with each episode, it keeps getting better and more fascinating. When you think nothing could surprise you any longer, a new mystery waits to be discovered.


Most episodes leave on a cliffhanger, and you can’t wait to watch the next one and discover what happens. And in the end, Netflix doesn’t give away too much information, which helps to keep things exciting and keeps us wanting more after we finish watching an episode.

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Maldivas Series Didn’t Disappoint On Many Fronts

The plot is absurd but entertaining to watch. It’s an exciting story about female friendship, envy, how we handle adversity and our motivations for doing things. It is a peaceful and luxurious condominium in Bela Vista, one of the most expensive neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro and located in the beach area of Ipanema.


The building, as one might expect in this social vortex of the “Cidade Maravilhosa”, is the habitat of some very peculiar characters that, with their stories, secrets and combativeness, will provide us with plenty of adventures.

Although much of the action is set against a backdrop of white sand beaches and glistening waves, Maldivas is set against a wealthy residential community in Rio de Janeiro. The series follows the story of a 30-something young woman who has just arrived from their hometown of Goiânia to search for her mother, who left her as a child.

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Maldivas Left a Lot of Loose Ends And Could Have More Twists

Based on the plot, it takes you into the whole world of the unknown and begins to unravel the mystery of Liz’s mother’s death. Each of her neighbours in Maldivas seems to have something to hide and a secret. Thus, turning her new apartment into a ground for mysterious behaviour. Its complex mystery makes it an exciting watch, not only because of the intense storyline but also because of how relatable it is to our lives.

Maldivas Review: Bruna Marquezine Starrer is Posh, Quirky and Comical

It’s no secret that Netflix is home to some of the best original series. From true crime shows to dramas, documentaries and more. They’ve become a force to be reckoned with in the actual content world. Their latest foreign language acquisition for their originals line-up is the Brazilian comedy-drama mystery series, Maldivas. The show promises to deliver rich characters, unique narratives, and cultural reflections with humour sprinkled in along the way.

All in all, Maldivas is another excellent achievement for Netflix, the Brazilians and Latin Americans, who continue to produce entertaining shows under the streaming giant’s watchful eyes. With the next season due to arrive within a few months, fans who have been hoping for the series’ comeback will be more than happy to hear their favourite returns after three long years.

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Stream it or Skip it?


Maldivas would be a worthy addition to your list of shows to watch since it has everything in the show’s vein: mystery, romance, and drama that complement the already growing catalogue of titles available on Netflix.

You may not feel like a young adult, but this is one of those shows that can pull at your slightly emptier heart strings. Its unique storyline adds an edge to the otherwise seemingly flawlessly constructed world.

Maldivas is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Maldivas promises to deliver rich characters, unique narratives, and cultural reflections with humour sprinkled in along the way.

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Maldivas Review: Bruna Marquezine Starrer is Posh, Quirky and ComicalMaldivas promises to deliver rich characters, unique narratives, and cultural reflections with humour sprinkled in along the way.