Netflix’s Mad for Each Other Episode 3 Recap: Revelations and Truths

Mad for Each Other Episode 3 dropped on Netflix yesterday. Mad for Each Other is a Korean romantic comedy series. The third episode of the series dropped yesterday, and we are here to talk about it. However, Mad for Each Other has 13 episodes in all, and Netflix has decided to air three episodes each week. The story is basically about two people who are psychologically ill and are neighbours. They both are broken and ill and maybe will get healed by each other in a series of hilarious turn of events. Finally, perhaps, we will experience a happy ending like a majority of romantic movies. Fingers crossed!

Recap of the Previous Episode

You need to remember a few things from Mad for Each Other Episode 2 before proceeding to the next episode. One, the girl from the supermarket had complained about the flasher who had attacked her. Two, we came to know about the intense reason why Hwi-oh was suffering from PTED. Also, the episode ended when both of them were fighting like mad when Hwi-oh had requested Min-kyung to change her psychiatrist, and in turn, he also promises to give her a discount on the amount she was supposed to pay. The request was valid and could have been accepted peacefully by a sane minded human, but it was Min-kyung there, and she chose the opposite of it.

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Story of Mad for Each Other Episode 3

The story of Mad for Each Other Episode 3 starts with exactly where it had ended in the previous episode. Hwi-oh requests Min-kyung to change her psychiatrist as he has been advised to stay away from things he gets angry about, like her. In return, he promised to give her a discount on the money she owed him as she had damaged his car.

But Min-kyung misinterprets him again and starts recording everything. Hwi-oh becomes angry, takes back his offer, and declares that they are officially at war. He also adds that he would be rich with the money she gives, and she will be poor and calls her crazy. She, in return, records his rant and terms it as evidence 1. Well, the scene is not as dull as it is sounding; it is a fun watch.

This unusual reaction to the mere request makes Hwi-oh think about why she is so weird and that she has gone through something unusual, which has made her so weird. Then as the story proceeds, we see a small light-hearted scene regarding the WiFi, which is good and manages to make us smile. Min-kyung is further seen practising to say words like help and call the police online in front of her laptop. But suddenly, after a point, she freezes as if she remembers something intense, and within a blink of the eye, she shuts down her laptop and grieves.

Cut to the next scene; we see a completely different Min-kyung, a gorgeous girl who seems to have no diseases. But she is walking on a street, and it is raining heavily, and someone is following her, so to ditch the guy, she is walking fast. She looks terrified, and suddenly she wakes up, which meant it was a dream. It was just a trailer as this is just the beginning of shocking revelations, and the reason behind her illness is going to be out.

Mad for each other Episode 3
The request made by Hwi-oh to Min-kyung in Mad for each other Episode 3.

Then after some time, we see Min-kyung seated in front of the psychiatrist, trying to explain all her suspicions on minor things. The psychiatrist advises her not to suspect and instead be more careful herself from the next time and check things like gas pipe, etc. Further, like in the last episode, when she asked Hwi-oh his reason behind his illness, she asks her the same. To which we see the pretty and perfect Min-kyung with a guy having a perfect romantic life.

She says that these are the happy moments that haunt her. Everything was going smooth, and we thought the flashback was over, but when the doctor asked whether she misses him or not, her reply, tone, and character portrayal will shock you initially and then make you curious as to the reason behind this reply. So you better watch to know as to what was her reply and also what follows it.

Cut to the next scene; we can see three women from the Women’s association committee approaching Hwi-oh to accompany him for patrolling in the night. They were aware of the flasher and wanted to ensure women’s safety and thus approached Hwi-oh as he was a cop to ensure better coverage and safety of the patrolling members. First, Hwi-oh hesitates, but he agrees to it after many pleadings and emotional blackmails.

Mad for each other Episode 3
A scene from Mad for each other Episode 3.

Just after this, there was a tiny cute scene between Hwi-oh and Min-Kyung, and it is adorable. Then the story goes on to show how Hwi-oh is patrolling with the group. One thing leads to another, and just when you were not expecting anything – boom! We are taken very smoothly at first to the fundamental part of the flashback, and then there are series of intense revelations. We are choosing not to give any spoilers, and you should watch it. It’s better than the background of Hwi-oh too.

The episode ends with Min-kyung’s dog escaping from her house, and she tries seeking help and goes to Hwi-oh. But just as in the beginning Min-kyung had refused Hwi-oh’s request, he does the same thing to her too, which makes her mad, and the episode ends on the cliffhanger as to what will happen to the car parts now. You will only know what I mean if you watch the episode, so I highly recommend it.

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Overview of Mad for Each Other Episode 3

Netflix's Mad for Each Other Episode 3 Recap: Revelations and Truths
Mad for Each Other Episode 3 was completely dedicated to the character of Min-kyung.

Unlike Episode 2, Mad for Each Other Episode 3 sure is a much better version. After usually starting with a lagging plot, it surprises us at the end. It seems like the makers have kept two different episodes giving equal importance to the flashbacks of Hwi-oh and Min-kyung. But if you ask me, the past story behind Min-kyung indeed is a winner. It’s not that it is something extraordinary, but it manages to make you feel exactly what the character is going through, unlike the other flashback, which makes it relatable and thus stands out more. However, with less, illogical collisions and meetings, lesser shrills and 2-3 hilariously cute moments, Mad for Each Other Episode 3 was much better than the previous one.

Mad for Each Other Episode 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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