Netflix’s Mad for Each Other Episode 2 Recap: Rinse and Repeat

Mad for Each Other Episode 2 dropped on Netflix yesterday. Mad for Each Other is a Korean romantic comedy series. The 2nd Episode of the series dropped yesterday, and we are here to talk about it. However, Mad for Each Other has 13 episodes in all, and Netflix has decided to air three episodes each week. The story is basically about two people who are psychologically ill and are neighbours. They are both broken and ill and maybe will get healed by each other in a series of hilarious turn of events. Finally, perhaps, we will experience a happy ending like a majority of romantic movies. Fingers Crossed!

Recap from the Previous Episode

Episode 1 of Mad for Each Other had finished on Min-kyung misinterpreting Hwi-oh as a stalker. In order to save herself, she damages his car severely. It was shown in the previous episode that Min-kyung was jumping on the car to get the attention of the CCTV camera in the parking lot.

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Story of Mad For Each Other Episode 2

Mad for Each Other Episode 2 starts in a police station where Hwi-oh and Min-kyung are seated beside each other. Soon the officer in charge starts questioning, and Hwi-oh demands Min-kyung to admit and accept all her mistakes – about the assault, the damaging of his car, etc. She admits that yes, she had done all those things. But what’s notable here is that while explaining the incidents Hwi-oh had faced, he was also mentioning the crime and the exact punishments to it. It was so unusual that even Min-kyung could not resist asking whether he was a law student.

Furthermore, apart from admitting her mistakes, she defends herself by saying that she did everything to save herself as, according to her, Hwi-oh was following her. She then tries all possible ways to make the officer in charge believe that he was not a good guy and was a sex offender but all in vain. Just then, the officer in charge barges into their argument and asks them to apologize to each other as they are neighbours. However, they refuse to listen to him. This scene kind of shows how similar both of them are yet are far apart. You should watch them fighting – they are entertaining to watch, getting on each other’s nerves.

Mad for Each Other Episode 2 then moves on, and we come across the most shocking revelation: Hwi-oh was a police officer! This truth is revealed when we see that one of Hwi-oh’s friends saw him at the station and revealed that he was also a cop. Then we watch the two friends talk, and we come to know that Hwi-oh was banished from his job because of his anger issues.

They even converse about a guy named U-jin who is probably hurt, is also a cop but can no longer work on the ground. Then, suddenly a senior officer comes in, shouting at Hwi-oh in a very familiar way as if he knows him from before. We are proved right when it turns out that he was Hwi-oh’s boss.

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Mad for each other episode 2
The police station scene from Mad for Each Other Episode 2

There is an exciting yet shocking part here when Hwi-oh rants about how passionately he wants his job back and why. Well, that’s not unusual; the unusual part is he cries while ranting, and so for the first time in the season, we see his emotional side. After this, a hilarious phone sequence will crack you up and just like the poop explosion sequence in the last episode, this is the best sequence of Mad for Each Other episode 2. Though there is nothing extraordinary in the scene, the character portrayal is done beautifully by the actor, making you laugh.

Then there are random events going on in the series which are not of high importance. But the part where Hwi-oh and the psychiatrist talk about anger is well delivered. The concept that anger is not dangerous and is just like any other human emotion is impressive to hear.

Without giving any other spoilers, parts like a major revelation as to why is Hwi-oh suffering the anger management issue is intriguing. It also manages to justify the pain and emotional touch towards the character’s situation but could have been better. Apart from this, the climax scene and the part where Hwi-oh decides to ignore Min-kyung are good. But when the series constantly tries to veer the two leads towards each other become repetitive after a point and makes the viewing experience tedious. So Mad for Each Other Episode 2 does not stand out on our expectations. But what else can you expect from a rom-com series?

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Overview on Mad for Each Other Episode 2

Mad for each other episode 2
A scene from Mad for Each Other Episode 2

I think the title of Mad for Each Other Episode 2, People Who Make You Angry, partially fits the story’s continuation. Unlike the last episode, which managed to make us laugh, episode 2 was utterly disappointing. However, the target of this episode was mainly to show the other colours of the lead character and justify their reasons behind their weirdness. But still, it lacks a lot of elements and thus becomes quite frustrating.

Not to forget another big reason – repetitiveness of the plot. For example, with the same elevator sequence, the makers are ruining the charm of even their best sequences. Also, the monotonous illogical meetings of the lead character now and then make us feel whether the entire plot is based on this crappy idea of illogical collisions itself.

Mad for Each Other Episode 2 is now streaming on Netflix .




Mad for Each Other episode 2 continues with its silly premise but its repetitive nature makes the viewing experience tedious.

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