Lupin Season 3: Omar Sy Reveals Exciting New Deets on the Mystery Drama

Lupin season 3 is finally happening! Streaming giant Netflix’s popular series ‘Lupin’ is currently shooting its highly anticipated third instalment in Paris with French star Omar Sy reprising his role as Assane Diop. Produced by Gaumont, the contemporary adaptation was created by George Kay, in collaboration with Francois Uzan (‘Family Business’), based on the iconic novels by French writer Maurice LeBlanc, who created the character in 1905.

‘Lupin’ has been a global hit for the streamer. Part 1 is believed to have been watched by more than 70 million households within its first 28 days on the platform. Sy also served as creative producer on some episodes of the series. ‘Lupin’ stars many emerging talents from diverse backgrounds, including Soufiane Guerrab, Shirine Boutella, as well as Ludivine Sagnier and Clothilde Hesme.

Lupin Season 3: Filming in Motion

The production was announced on Thursday by both Netflix and Sy on their respective Twitter accounts. Sy, who is now based in Los Angeles, posted a selfie with a caption that reads: “Feels good being home! Lupin, Part 3, now in production.”

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Netflix posted the same picture to announce the production, with a caption that reads: “Guess who’s back and ready to steal the show?”

Omar Sy’s Diop is a character inspired by the world-famous gentleman thief and master of disguise, Arsene Lupin. The show is Netflix’s second-biggest international hit after ‘Squid Game’. Reports by Variety state that due to the success of the show, Netflix and Sy have entered a multi-year feature film deal that marks the first deal Netflix has made with a French filmmaker.

Earlier this week, Omar Sy celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his film ‘Intouchables’ in Paris.

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