Loved Netflix’s Outlaws? Here’s Something Similar to Enjoy

The Spanish coming-of-age crime drama Outlaws seemed to have hugely impacted the public. Based on a book of the same name by Javier Cercas, this film roots for heists, romance and some unexpected crimes on the way that eventually furnishes the character arcs of every individual in the film. The two-hour-long film stars Marcos Ruiz as Nacho, Begona Vargas as Tere, Chechu Salgado as Zarco, Guillermo Lasheras as Víctor, Pep Tosar as Inspector Vives, which are some main roles in the film.

The premise of Outlaws revolves around a bullied teenager Nacho who comes in contact with a group of young adults who break social constraints and are pretty much the outlaws of the society but, accept Nacho with open arms. As weed and drugs take on the gang’s childish sense, they start robbing pharmacies to sell drugs for money until an unfortunate event strikes them all. However, Outlaws is not the only film that gives you the thriller of a crime drama and the emotional edge of coming-of-age films.

Here’s a List of Crime Dramas Like Outlaws to Enjoy!

Money Heist

Netflix’s and audience’s favourite thriller Money Heist is definitely a perfect fit- a bunch of outlaws guided by a “Professor” set out to conduct some incredibly dangerous heists and on the way develop feelings and lose people. Another striking similarity is this drama is a Spanish one too! Created by Alex Pina, you can stream it now on Netflix. Meanwhile, the second volume of Money Heist Season 5 is all set to arrive on the OTT next month. Check the trailer out below!

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Army of Thieves

This 2021 film serves as the prequel to Zack Synder’s Army of the Dead and revolves around a group that plans to conduct a heist to break into banks and steal away the legendary safes created by locksmith Hans Wagner. However, the story of the film penetrates between lines to touch on concepts of feeling like an outcast, love and betrayal. The film is presently streaming on Netflix. You can read the review for the same, here.

Ocean’s Film Series

Nothing beats the iconic heist, crime drama standard set by Ocean’s Eleven in 2001 and the subsequent films and spin-offs in the later years. The film series, which includes the original trilogy and the spin-off, is the absolute epitome of a heist drama riddled with personal developments and so much comedy.

Cruel Summer

This Amazon Prime series is not about heists but is definitely relatable to the content presented by Outlaws in terms of being an outcast and committing a crime. It tells the story over three summers and how each changes and brings in greater trouble than ever. Of course, there’s romance and some sneaking in (which is the key element in the story) that can make up for all the heists in Outlaws.

Hope you enjoy the list. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below which is your favourite out of the lot. You can also read the review for Netflix’s Outlaws by clicking here.

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