Love All Play Episode 2 Recap: Chae Jong-hyeop Joins The Yunis Team

Love All Play, alternatively known as The Speed To You is 493 KM (너에게 가는 속도 493km) is a 2022 Korean Sports Rom-com directed by Jo Woong. The series runs for 16 episodes and stars Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon and Seo Ji-hye in lead roles. Love All Play Episode 2 has a runtime of 69 minutes.

– Love All Play Episode 2 Recap Contains Spoilers –

It’s a new morning for team Yunis and yet another player has joined. It is none other than their old enemy, Park Tae-joon. However, it is thing of the past now and they are going to play in the same team. On his first day, Tae-joon shows everyone that he knows Tae-yang already but nobody seems to care about it as Tae-yang is an outcast among them.

With new players in their team, the coach calls for rearrangement and the athletes will have to choose their doubles partner themselves. It is already difficult for Tae-yang to find a partner and Youngsim protests to her coach that no one wants to play with Tae-yang. The coach doesn’t pay heed to her but now, Tae-yang has the difficult task to find a partner for herself.

Love All Play Episode 2
Still from Love All Play Episode 2

The only player Tae-yang knows and can talk to is Park Tae-joon. She asks him to be his partner but he denies so she decides to pursue him. She follows him everywhere and requests him to play with her. Tae-joon is playing for money so he wants to play with someone who will be beneficial to him, that’s why he refuses Tae-yang’s request every time.

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Tae-joon has been adjusting well to his new team. He comes to know that dating your teammate isn’t allowed as per contract and catches two players red-handed and now blackmails them to get his work done. Tae-joon feels that the Yunis team doesn’t have good teamwork in how the senior players treat their juniors. This comes after Youngsim tells him to leave the dinner table if he wants Tae-yang to join them.

Love All Play Episode 2 Ending

Yuk Jung-hwan has not been selected for the national team for the world championship and at the press conference, he gets questioned about his lifestyle of clubbing and drinking. He leaves the press conference getting angry but has to face its consequences as he gets suspended for a month. He clashes with Tae-joon as soon as he comes back to the Yunis team.

Love All Play Episode 2
Still from Love All Play Episode 2

Seniors have pulled a prank on Tae-yang and sent her to run a marathon near Han River. Tae-joon is not impressed by it and informs Tae-yang to come back but Tae-yang runs the marathon and later gets punished by the coach for missing the training. She gets sick the next day and Tae-joon sees her crying for not being a good athlete.

Tae-yang tells Tae-joon that she didn’t want to play with him because she has no one else. She has seen him play and thinks that he is a much better player than he thinks and she wanted to let him know so. This reminds Tae-joon of how no one appreciated him as a child because his sister played at a bigger level than him. Touched by her words, Tae-joon finally agrees to be Tae-yang’s Badminton partner.

Love All Play Episode 2 Review

Love All Play Episode 2 is focused on Tae-joon and his arrival in the Yunis team. Tae-joon is an energetic character who brings light fun and laughter to the rather dull Yunis team. Tae-joon definitely seems to have some kind of affection for Tae-yang but even in the moments when they are physically closer, there isn’t any chemistry between them. It looks like a one-sided crush with no hopes of it being reciprocated. The episode isn’t rushed and gives enough time for events to unfold.

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In Love All Play Episode 2, Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Ju-hyun get to know each other more.

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In Love All Play Episode 2, Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Ju-hyun get to know each other more.Love All Play Episode 2 Recap: Chae Jong-hyeop Joins The Yunis Team