Love 101 Season 2: Don’t Forget To Check Out These Best Moments From The Show!

Netflix’s Love 101 season 2 has finally put ice on our burning hearts after it ended the first season in such a cliffhanger. With season 2, the pending guest list is not only complete but the show also offers moments that are so endearing that is hard to let go of them. This Turkish teen drama directed by Ahmet Katıksız deserves every bit of praise for excellently depicting the moments during teenage years.

The series stars Mert Yazıcıoğlu as Sinan, Kubilay Aka as Kerem, Alina Boz as Eda, Selahattin Paşalı as Osman and İpek Filiz Yazıcı as Işık along with Pınar Deniz as Burcu, Kaan Urgancıoğlu as Kemal and Ece Yüksel as Elif (who debuts as student during season 2). An emotional rollercoaster ride, Love 101 season 2 offers us one of the most memorable moments a tv series can offer. Let us have a look at some groundbreaking scenes from the show which fulfils the essence of the show.

– This article has major spoilers ahead on Love 101 Season 2 –

Işık being a Rebel

It was hard to see Isik finally confronted with the truth of her friends’ slavery under the tyrant principal Necdet. She was devasted and felt betrayed. But, none of us saw what was coming next.

Isik dropping a bucket of red paint on Necdet in front of the whole school during an assembly when higher institutional authorities were present was a move out-of-the-blue but, something that gave us immense satisfaction. Especially, after tolerating Necdet’s absurdities for one whole season. We can all be thankful to Isik for doing what all of us have been dreaming of as Michael Bublé’s ‘Feeling Good’ played on.

Eda & Kerem

These two sweethearts who fell in love, unknowingly and finally, were brave enough by the end of season 1 to accept their love affair have been the darlings of the show (apart from Brucu and Kemal, of course). All the moments Eda and Kerem had during the bike rides are absolutely the most adorable ones throughout the entire season of Love 101 season 2.

The moment when Kerem encouraged Eda to take up art classes and pursue her dreams and even decided to break up with her as it meant standing in the way of her dreams were all so special.

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However, the best moment has to be when Kerem crashed at Eda’s place while her parents were setting her up with a suitor and helping her escape was something just out of a romance novel!

Osman’s heart melts

Since the beginning of the second season, with the arrival of Elif, it was apparent that she has developed a crush on Osman. But, our hazelnut genius took good five episodes to finally arrive at the conclusion that not only Elif likes him, he likes her back too!

All the scenes surrounding Osman and Elif gave us the jitters of first love and not knowing how to put yourself forward when you have a crush on someone.

Kerem saves Sinan

Sinan’s fighting his demons have never been a secret for the audience. We have seen him suffer perpetually, no matter what the cause. However, by the end of Love 101 Season 2 Episode 7, we find Sinan on the verge of suicide as he burns down his living space. It was hard to see him take the decision. It was harder to see him exist in a world where “Necdets Win & Isiks lose”. Yet, we wanted him to live and fight back because nothing is worse than seeing Sinan lose hope and faith.

While Sinan was destined to die in the fire, we find Kerem stepping in and saving his life. It was a beautiful ode to their friendship because both of them had never sung a song on the same note and yet when the time arrived, it was Kerem who assured Sinan that he would be his family.

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The Group Unites

The potential reason to have a season two for Love 101 was to let the audience know who turned up at Sinan’s abandoned house years later on Isik’s invite. The first season only showed us an older Isik waiting for her friends and the only one to turn up by the end of season 1 was an adult Eda.

However, by the end of Love 101 Season 2, we find the group to unite once again as they get rid of their old grudges and come together to celebrate their friendship like old times.

Brucu & Kemal’s Happy Ending

Would Love 101 had been possible if the children did not decide to make Brucu fall in love with Kemal? Would Love 101 exist if the love story between Kemal and Brucu never was born in the first place?

Well, fans know that the straight answer is: No Way!

The sweet literature teacher falling for the hot basketball coach is everything every high school student dreams of and that is exactly what Love 101 gives us. Both the seasons take the time to deeply analyze the relationship between Kemal and Brucu and by the end, the glimpse of them in their retirement years just fills our heart with the hope that true love exists.

Love 101 Season 2 is beautifully made and gives the perfect end to the series. You can read the review for the show, here.

Meanwhile, Love 101 Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix!

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