Loki: Sophia Di Martino Solves Sylvie’s Broken Crown Mystery!

With just one Loki episode, Sophia Di Martino left a strong impression on Marvel fans. In episode three, Lamentis, Sylvie’s banter and chemistry with her other self (played by Tom Hiddleston) made fans berserk. In episode 2, we first met her for a few minutes. We didn’t know her name at that time, but what caught everyone’s attention was her crown.

If you remember clearly, when the Variant (played by Sophia di Martino) reveals itself to Loki, one horn of her crown is broken. While it’s kept a bit comic accurate, fans wondered what backstory it might have in the Disney+ series. Soon, the internet was flooded with numerous theory on the broken crown.

Sophia Di Martino on Sylvie’s Crown and Lady Loki scene

Now, the actor has spoken up and solved the mystery for us. Martino has also requested people not to call her character Lady Loki. About the broken horn in Sylvie’s crown, Sophia Di Martino told EpicStream, “Sylvie’s been on the run for a long time, she’s been hiding out in apocalypses. She’s been brawling a lot, she’s been beating a lot of people up. I think the horn is probably broken somewhere along the line. It’s also, I believe, inspired by the comics and the Lady Loki character. It says a lot about Sylvie; she’s wearing a crown, but it’s kinda broken.”

When fans first met Sylvie and didn’t know her name, everyone addressed her as Lady Loki. However, in the series, when Loki calls her Loki, she gets annoyed and reveals her real name. Sophia Di Martino has shared why she doesn’t want fans to call her character Lady Loki.

The Loki star told Comicbook, “I looked at his performance, but I try not to be shaped by it too much. Sylvie has had a very different backstory to Loki. She’s a different person, and that was really important to us right from the beginning. When Kate Herron pitched me the idea when I finally got the job, and she was able to tell me a bit more about it, it was very clear that Sylvie was Sylvie.”

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Sophia Di Martino on Sylvie
Sophia Di Martino on Sylvie’s crown

Sophia Di Martino further added that Sylvie is not Lady Loki from comics. Even though the series is inspired by comic, her’s is a new character with a brand new story. The actor shared, “You will see, at times throughout the series, that Tom and I do very similar things, like our physicality is similar or when we choreographed fight scenes, we’ll mirror each other. And that’s all purposely done. And then the rest of it I’ve kind of just made up as I go along.”

After Loki Episode 3, it seems like fans loved the name, Sylvie. So we can safely say that not everyone will call her Lady Loki anymore. But we can’t wait to know her backstory in the upcoming episode.

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