Loki Episode 5 Theory: Not Kang, But 2 Other Villains?

Loki Episode 5 Theory: The new episode called Journey Into Mystery released this Wednesday and has sent the fandom into a frenzy. We saw so many Loki variants that fans are having difficulty deciding who’s their favourite (Alligator Loki, of course). With every new episode comes new theories, and one of them always makes the most noise.

The Loki Episode 5 theory consists of spoilers from the latest episode. When Loki Episode 4 released, just like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, fans wonder who created the TVA. In Episode 5, Sylvie ((Sophia Di Martino) kept asking Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw)the same question, but the TVA judge herself had no answers.

At the end of Journey Into Mystery, Loki and Sylvie enchant Alioth and the clouds clear; we see a vast castle-like place. So far, no one knows what it is or who it belongs to, but Marvel enthusiasts now believe that Kang the Conqueror is not the villain. Yes, you read it right!

The Loki Episode 5 theory sounds more convincing and has gained netizens attention. Fans believe that the villain is not Kang, but a Loki variant and also Miss Minutes. The promos have shown us King Loki, so there are chances that the variant has fulfilled his glorious purpose. Hence, he is superior to all the other Lokis and wants to prune them so that they don’t get any ahead of him.

Loki Episode 5 Theory: Still 1
Loki Episode 5 Theory: King Loki

The same theory is being discussed on Reddit and Twitter too. On Twitter, one of the fans wrote, “here I watched this scene on slow motion and the end we can see the brigh yellow/gold palace inside that castle! .so theory of king loki being the main villain might come true as it looks same as the place we saw him in trailer.”

About the same Loki Episode 5 theory, another fan tweeted, “We still haven’t seen this King Loki variant from the trailers, and it would make the most sense for him to be the villain since this is ultimately a ‘protagonist vs. self’ conflict and a story about self-growth.”

On Reddit, a user shared, “At this point, we’re all thinking it’s Kang the Conqueror, or Immortus, or some other Variant of Kang. We know Kang is coming, but if the show was to introduce him at the season 1 finale (season 2 is confirmed), what’s next? He just bails into the Quantum Realm to face Ant-Man & Co.? So while I was (and still am a little split) on board with Kang running the whole operation (I mean, the evidence of his presence are overwhelming, starting from Ravona Renslayer and with such deep-tie as Alioth), the show is called Loki. It’s about him.”

The user wrote, “King Loki. The Evil One. The Chaotic Joker of the Loki-kind. When you think about it, we’ve met only Lokis that want change and abandon their destiny as villains (maybe besides President Loki). King Loki is the one that embraces the evil ways and revels in them. He’s the recurring villain in the future where Asgard is a utopia ruled by King Thor the All-Father. And what’s most important? He manipulates stories. By recounting a story about Odin and Fafnir, King Loki managed to travel back in time.”

Another Loki Episode 5 theory states that Miss Minutes also appears shady, and she can also be the villain of the series. In Episode 5, the cute clock’s confusing expressions when Ravonna asked for the files are proof. About Miss Minutes being the bad guy, one fan tweeted, “ok here are my new #loki theories:
1) miss minutes is still sus I think she’s the villain

Loki Episode 5 Theory: Still 2
Loki Episode 5 Theory: Miss Minutes

Check out fans’ views on the Loki Episode 5 theory:

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Check out the entire Reddit thread on Loki Episode 5 theory here.

Who do you think is the villain of the Disney+ Loki series? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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