Loki Episode 4 Recap: The Nexus Event And Mid-Credits Scene

Loki Episode 4, called The Nexus Event, is now out on Disney+ Hotstar. The episode features Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Owen Wilson, and Wunmi Mosaku. Directed by Kate Herron, Eric Martin has written the 45 minutes episode.

Before you proceed, let me give you a heads up that Loki Episode 4 Recap for The Nexus Event contains many spoilers. Disney+ has described the plot as – Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylvie.

At the beginning of the episode, we see a flashback of how Ravonna Renslayer went to Asgard and forcefully took along child Sylvie. However, the child Sylvie somehow manages to escape from the TVA with the Tempad. Since then, she’s been hiding and has grown up in different apocalypses. That’s why adult Sylvie is seeking revenge from the TVA. After the Ark gets destroyed, Sylvie and Loki (played by Sophia Di Martino and Tom Hiddleston) are upset. Loki apologises to her, and they have a hearty chat about how being a Loki might means constantly losing.

Loki Episode 4 Recap: Still 1
Loki Episode 4 Recap: Still from the episode

Mobius (Owen Wilson) asks Ravonna about Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane). Ravonna lies that Sylvie took control of C-20’s mind, and it affected her badly, and she’s no more. In the next scene of Loki Episode 4, Mobius and Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) keep track of every apocalypse to find some trace of both the Lokis. At Lamentis, when Sylvie holds Loki’s hand, a branch is created, which is visible on the TVA’s screen. So before Lamentis is destroyed, they reach there on time and capture both the Variants.

Mobius and Loki have arguments before the God of Mischief is sent to a torture loop for betraying TVA. Loki tries to tell Mobius that TVA is a lie and they all are Variants just like him. But Mobius not ready to trust him again. Mobius also figures out that Loki likes Sylvie and calls him a sick narcissist for liking his other version. Mobius sends Loki through a door to punish him for his betrayal. When the God of Mischief walks through the door, he gets repeatedly kicked by Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) for cutting her hair. Loki in pain, and he admits that he does all these mischiefs for attention.

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Loki Episode 4 Recap: Still 2
Loki Episode 4: Still from the series

Hunter B-15 takes Sylvie to Roxxcart apocalypse of Loki Episode 2 and questions her about the memory she saw when Sylvie had enchanted her. Sylvie tells Hunter B-15 that they are Variants just like her and striped off of their real-life by the TVA. Sylvie shows Hunter B-15 the memories of what her real life was like before she got captured. Loki’s words stay in Mobius head, and he doubts Ravonna. He steals her gadget to find out what exactly happened to Hunter C-20.

Loki Episode 4’s next scene is Mobius watching what really happened to Hunter C-20. C-20 informs Ravonna that she had a life on Earth and cries a lot. But Ravonna is irked and stops her interrogation. Mobius realises that Loki is telling the truth, and he releases him from the loop torture. Mobius tells Loki to create a branch (like Lamentis) and end the TVA if he and Sylvie join the forces. However, Ravonna reaches there, and she prunes Mobius. It’s a heartbreaking scene to watch as Mobius’ last words were about Jet Ski.

Ravonna takes Sylvie and Loki to the Time-Keepers. The Time-Keepers have a rough and annoying voice as they try to punish both the Variants. However, Hunter B-15 arrives and helps Loki and Sylvie. The trio attacks Ravonna and the rest of the Minutemen. When Ravonna is lying unconscious on the ground, Sylvie kills one of the Time-Keepers. It’s a hilarious moment as the theory that they’re not real is valid. The Time-Keepers were nothing but stupid androids.

At the end of Loki Episode 4, The Nexus Event is distressing. It seems like Loki is about to confess his feelings to Sylvie. However, Ravonna wakes up and prunes him from behind, and he’s gone. However, there’s a mid credits scene that shows that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki still has a chance of survival.

In the mid credits scene of Loki Episode 4, Loki wakes up somewhere and asks, ‘Is this hell? Am I dead?’. A man replies, ‘No yet. But you will be unless you come with us’. When the camera pans towards the other side, it’s the other versions of Loki. There’s an old Loki (Richard E Grant), a kid Loki (Jack Veal), a beefed-up Loki (Deobia Oparei) and a Loki that looks like an alligator.

Loki Episode 4 Recap: Still 3
Loki Episode 4 Recap

Loki Episode 4 Recap: Is it worth watching?

Loki Episode 4 The Nexus Event is one of the most powerful episodes of the Marvel series so far. We saw how vulnerable the God of Mischief could be. We still don’t know who created TVA, and it is definitely a horrible place to be. So just like WandaVision and The Falcon, and The Winter Soldier, our characters are fighting the evil power that is still not revealed itself. Also, if Loki is alive, we can hope the same for Mobius too.

Loki Episode 4 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Loki Episode 4 'The Nexus Event' is one of the most powerful episodes of the Marvel series so far.

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