Loki Episode 4 Memes: Fans Want Marvel to Pay for Their Therapy!

Is it even #LokiWednesday if there are no memes after the episode is released? Believe it or not, the internet is currently flooded with many sad and funny Loki Episode 4 memes. Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino and Owen Wilson fans are traumatised after watching today’s episode, The Nexus Event.

If you are yet to watch the episode, let me tell you that Loki Episode 4 memes article contains spoilers. Fans have again shown their creative style to express their joy (hardly any this time) and lots of pain. We finally got to know that Time-Keepers are made up, and Loki was right to call them some space lizards.

But the most heartbreaking moment of Loki Episode 4, The Nexus Event, is watching Mobius getting pruned. It was even more heartbreaking when his last words before getting pruned were about his love for Jet Ski. Marvel and TVA really did our guy bad there! If that wasn’t enough, Loki also gets pruned when he is about to say something important to Sylvie.

Loki Episode 4 memes: Still from the episode
Loki Episode 4 Memes

However, the mid-credits scene made all Tom Hiddleston fans breathe a sigh of relief. Just like most of the times, Loki deceived death again and is now to an unknown place around his other variants. While we have to wait a whole week more to find out what happens next, for now, these Loki Episode 4 memes are enough to keep us hooked.

A lot of fans want Marvel to pay for their therapy after watching today’s episode. It looks like there’s a reason why MCU gave a drunk and singer Loki in the previous episode, only to inflict pain today. One of the Loki Episode 4 memes is a still from WandaVision and today’s episode which has the caption, ‘I’m sending Marvel my therapy bills’.

One more fan tweeted, ‘Marvel trust you will be dealt with!! You’re paying for my therapy sickos’.

Take a look at some of my favourite Loki Episode 4 memes:

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Well, these Loki Episode 4 memes reflect a lot of pain and emotions fans have felt throughout the episode.

Meanwhile, along with memes, MCU fans are known for coming up with crazy theories. Recently, Sophia Di Martino, aka Sylvie, was asked about the craziest fan theory she has come across. The actor told Screenrant, “A guy told me earlier there was speculation about the postman that’s mentioned. I say something about having a long-distance relationship with a postman. And apparently, there has been people coming up with stories of who this postman is which I find brilliant and I’m really enjoying how much everyone’s engaging with the character and the show and the whole thing is just excellent.”

Which are your favourite Loki memes? Did you like today’s episode? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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