Loki Episode 3 Theory: God of Mischief Has the Time Stone?

Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino have left Marvel fans scratching their heads after the latest Loki episode Lamentis. With their banter, we found out the truth about TVA and saw some astonishing moments on screen. Among many others, one Loki Episode 3 theory is making the most noise on the internet. People on Twitter and Reddit believe that the God of Mischief has Time Stone with him.

When I saw the episode, I also believed that Loki carries time stone with him. If you wonder how, well, let’s take a flashback to Loki Episode 1 Glorious Purpose. In this episode, when Loki threatens Casey to return the Tesseract and opens his drawer, he is shocked to see so many infinity stones inside. Casey tells him that some people use these stones as paperweights. We know God of Mischief’s incredible skills of stealing something without noticing. So there are chances that he might’ve discreetly picked up the time stone.

Now, I’ll tell you what made some fans come up with Loki Episode 3 theory about time stone. At the end of episode 3, when Loki and Sylvie are running towards the Ark, a building comes crashing down on them. Loki tells Sylvie, ‘I got it’ and pulls his chest outward, and its force stops the structure from falling. The structure goes back to its shape, and the smoke around it also goes back. If you’ve seen Doctor Strange or Avengers: Infinity War, you know that whoever possesses the time stone knows how to reverse the situation to its original form.

Fans on the internet are sure that Loki has stolen the time stone from the TVA. On Twitter, about the time stone Loki Episode 3 theory, one user tweeted, “#Loki Theory: Remember in Episode-1 Loki was seeing the infinity stones and he picked a time stone so maybe he kept that time stone with him and in Episode- 3 we saw he stopped a building from falling and so maybe he used the time stone… idk or maybe it’s his powers…”

Loki Episode 3 Theory: Still from the episode
Loki Episode 3 Theory: Still from the show

Another user tweeted, “Loki shouldn’t have been able to reverse the time of the building in episode 3. Which means at some point he grabbed the time stone from the desk.”

On Reddit, a user named u/ggil050 posted the question about the same Loki Episode 3 theory – “So if you notice at the end of the episode, you see Loki tell Sylvia he has it when a building is about to crush them and you see the building go back in reverse. And if you remember in the first episode he had a time stone in his hand but we never see him out it back, what do you guys think?”

In the reply section, fans agree that this is a possibility. One user commented, “He definetly does. He reversed that building backwards, it’s the only explanation unless it’s an illusion since Sylvie went to sleep. The only.big.knock is he’d need the Time Stone to the exact universe it belongs.”

Take a look at fans discussing Loki Episode 3 Theory about Time Stone:

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Well, this Loki Episode 3 theory is undoubtedly an exciting one. But if that’s not the case, Tom Hiddleston’s character is indeed powerful to not let that structure fall on Loki and Sylvie. Maybe, in the MCU films, Marvel didn’t explore all the powers of God of Mischief, and he has a lot of potential, which we are yet to see.

What do you think of Loki Episode 3 theory? Do you think he has the Time Stone? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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