Loki Episode 3 Recap: Lamentis

Loki Episode 3, called Lamentis, is now out on Disney+ Hotstar. The 40 minutes episode was written by Bisha K Ali and directed by Kate Herron. Today’s episode stars Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Sasha Lane and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. In the previous episode, the Variant (Sophia) reveals itself and travels through a time door. Loki (Tom) follows her through the door as Mobius (Owen Wilson) tries to stop him. The Variant has attacked the Sacred Timeline.

First things first, do not skip the opening credits of Marvel Studios for Loki Episode 3. The credits roll with Hayley Kiyoko’s Demons song that gives a funky vibe. The episode opens with Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) and the Variant (Sophia Di Martino) dressed as humans, sitting in a bar and enjoying drinks. While trying the brain freeze game, the Variant asks C-20 ‘who protects the Time-keepers?’ She tries to manipulate C-20 by saying they’re friends for years. Suddenly, the scene cuts to the CCTV room from Loki Episode 2. The Variant had controlled C-20’s mind to fetch out the information she wanted about the Time-Keepers.

Loki Episode 3 Recap: Still 1
Loki Episode 3 Still

Before you proceed any further, let me tell you that Loki Episode 3 Recap ‘Lamentis’ consists of spoilers. After the ‘Loki’ title credits roll, the Variant enters the TVA. She tries to use her magic, but as we know, magic doesn’t work in the TVA. So she takes one of the Minutemen’s weapon and fights anyone coming her way. Loki also enters the TVA, and the first thing he does is get his hands on his daggers. After seeing the Variant, he asks her what she wants and how they should team-up. ‘Stop talking’, yells the Variant as she attacks Loki.

Suddenly Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) appears there with some Minutemen and asks the Lokis to stop. The Variant warns Renslayer to stay back, or she’ll kill Loki. ‘Go ahead’, says Renslayer with a wicked smile. Suddenly, Loki manages to get his hands in the Variant’s pockets and uses the TemPad to travel to another apocalypse. The place they land up is Lamentis – 1 in the year 2077. The TemPad has lost the juice (battery), and this aggravates the Variant. When the Variant tries to grab the TemPad from Loki’s hand, he tells her he knows how to fix it, and she’s not the only ‘tech-savvy Loki’.

Loki Episode 3 Recap: Still 2
Loki Episode 3 Lamentis

The entire Loki Episode 3 takes place on Lamentis. The Variant is mad at Loki as it’s a deadly apocalypse, a moon with which a nearby planet will collide. They have 12 hours before the Lamentis is destroyed. The Variant tries to take control of Loki’s mind, but she fails. Loki tells her that the trick won’t work on him. As Loki still has the TemPad, the Variant has no choice but not to kill him yet. The two decide to look out for an energy source that will make the TemPad work again.

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As they lookout for a power source and save themselves from the meteoroids, we finally get the answer to why the Variant reacts ‘Ugh’ when addressed as Loki. The Variant tells Loki (Tom Hiddleston) that she’s not Loki anymore and her name is Sylvie. As they walk, they find a mining source but the lady inside kicks them out. Neither Slyvie’s brute force works nor Loki’s illusion tricks. However, both the Variants find out that people are travelling through a train that will take them to an evacuation vessel called ‘The Ark’. ‘You won’t get the ticket’, teases the mining lady. But the Variants don’t care and walk away.

When the Variants reach the train station, people are scared and fighting the guards for not giving them tickets to the train. Loki says that they will enter the train according to his plans and not Slyvie’s mind trick games. The God of Mischief changes his avatar to one of the guards on the train. However, he gets questioned for not having the ticket. So Sylvie uses her mind trick power to get the guard in her control so that they can enter the train. This scene from Loki Episode 3 hints that they can do anything they want if both the Variants work together.

Loki Episode 3 Recap: Still 3
Loki Episode 3 Recap: Lamentis

The scenes inside the trains are one of the most delightful highlights of Loki Episode 3. Both the Variants talk about their mother, how they learned magic and love life. The God of Mischief finally confirmed his bisexuality when he said ‘a bit of both’ when Sylvie asked him if he’s been with any princesses or prince. The makers also confirmed Slyvie’s sexuality when Loki says, ‘I suspect the same as you’.

Both the Variants then try to find the meaning of love. ‘Love is hate’, says Slyvia. But when she asks Loki what he believes Love is, he fails to answer. Both of them decide to take some rest before they execute their big plans. When Sylvie wakes up from her nap, she’s annoyed to see Loki drunk, singing an Asgardian song and grabbing guards’ attention on the train. She might not like it, but seeing Loki in this mood made me happy. Also, the makers showed us the parallel with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) when Loki asks for one more drink by breaking the glass and shouting ‘ANOTHER’!

Loki takes out the dagger and tells Sylvie, “Love is a dagger. It’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful. Until it makes you bleed. But ultimately when you reach for it, it isn’t real.” To this, Sylvie replies – Love is an imaginary dagger. I never thought Marvel would give us such deep and meaningful lines so soon in Loki Episode 3.

Suddenly, the guards come there, and a fight breaks out between Loki, Sylvie and them. Both the Variants get thrown out of the train. The TemPad is broken, and Sylvie loses her cool. She screams to take her anger but still doesn’t kill Loki. The God of Mischief suggests to her that they should hijack the Ark and take off from the moon (rarely happens). Sylvie likes the idea, and they walk towards the Ark.

Loki Episode 3 Recap: Still 4
Loki Episode 3 Lamentis Recap

Loki Episode 3 Lamentis makes a shocking revelation about the TVA. On their way to the Ark, Sylvie explains how she controls people’s mind – by making physical contact with memories. She tells Loki that controlling Hunter C-20’s memory was a struggle as she travelled ages ago when she lived a human life. Loki is shocked to learn the information. So far, Mobius told Loki and us that everyone who works for the TVA belongs were created there. But Sylvie tells Loki that they all are Variants, just like them.

When Loki and Sylvie reach the Ark, it’s chaos, and people are crying for help. The meteoroids and the guards are making it difficult for them to reach the Ark. After facing a lot of difficulties when they finally reach there, it gets destroyed. The scene is heartbreaking, but you will be bewitched by how beautifully it is shot.

Loki Episode 3 Recap: Is it worth watching?

Loki Episode 3 ends on a cliffhanger as Loki and Sylvie are now stuck on Lamentis. Sylvie has still not entirely revealed what her plans are. We don’t know if Loki is genuinely helping her or he has some mischievous intentions. Although, my bet is on the latter. The TVA is not what we thought it is, so that’s another big angle to be explored. Despite not having a longer duration like the first two episodes, today’s episode was thrilling to the core.

Loki Episode 3 Lamentis is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Despite not having a longer duration like the first two episodes, Loki episode 3 was thrilling to the core.

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