The Morning Show Season 2 to Sky Rojo 2, Worst Shows of 2021

Worst Shows of 2021: This year, a lot of content was released on the various digital platform. From shows to movies to documentaries, people spent time watching different things sitting at home due to the lockdown. Some were good, and some were bad.

The list includes the series that only I’ve watched and reviewed. The article is a personal opinion and consists of views that you might disagree with.

Check out the list of worst shows of 2021:

The Morning Show Season 2

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in the lead roles, the Apple TV+ series has an amazing star cast. The first season ended with Jennifer and Reese’s characters Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson spitting hard-hitting facts and bitter truth about UBA Network. After the first 3 episodes in season 2, the story kept revolving around Alex-Mitch drama, giving hardly anything else to appreciate. The series was a complete mess.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 4 still 1

As someone who loved the first season, I wish I could undo the memories of season 2.

Sky Rojo Season 2

Based on human trafficking, the Spanish thriller created by Álex Pina had a chilling season 1. But in season 2, the characters just kept chasing each other. The chase made sense in season 1 as the girls (played by Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito and Yany Prado) ran away from their abusers. But even when they get a chance to kill their predators, they make stupid decisions.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Review

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

I’m glad Jamie Foxx is a part of Spider-Man: No Way Home. He made me forget the awful and unfunny Netflix series ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. The “sitcom” just embarrasses itself with jokes that don’t land and writing that makes no sense.

The Morning Show Season 2 to Sky Rojo 2, Worst Shows of 2021

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As the makers claim, Eros’ Hindmata is about “women empowerment”. A few women in prison get a chance to work with a fashion designer and a rich woman. But the poor execution turns it into a cringe-fest. The women characters are not well-presented, and the show loses its plot midway.

The Morning Show Season 2 to Sky Rojo 2, Worst Shows of 2021


Netflix show Decoupled, starring R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla, is about a rich couple on the verge of getting divorced. The writer thought their couple’s classist, racist, and sexist remarks as sarcasm would make them cool. Unfortunately, the series humiliates others and glorifies the behaviour of the lead characters. The jokes aren’t even funny.

The Morning Show Season 2 to Sky Rojo 2, Worst Shows of 2021


Marvel released numerous series this year, and Hawkeye turned out to be the worst. Even Vincent D’Onforio’s Kingpin couldn’t save the series, starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld. It’s probably because he was utterly wasted. The first 5 episodes intrigue us only to give us a finale that makes no sense.

Hawkeye Episode 4

Is there anything else you would like to add to the list? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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